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Have you ever wished you could just sleep on a chair? Yeah, me neither. But sometimes there are no beds around and your character needs a nap. Now with animations, back pain and more!

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~Take a Nap - Siestas of Skyrim~

From the creators of Take a Seat, Take a Peek, Take a Blanket, Take a Fish, Take a Pelt, Take a Skooma, Take a Leap...
TAKE A NAP™. The latest addition to "mods that you're not sure if they're a joke or not but actually, that's pretty cool."


  • An immersive and balanced experience: IRL we are able to sleep on chairs, but naturally it's not as good as sleeping on a bed.
  • Activate any chairs/benches: You can now activate (shift + activate) any chair/bench/throne to sleep on it.
  • Different from beds: you can only sleep up to 3 hours AND you might get back pain for a few hours.
  • NPC voiced reactions: NPCs might react to you sleeping on a chair, with spliced lines such as "You know we have beds available, right?"
  • Fully Animated: New napping animated via DAR/OAR - Enjoy seeing your character struggle to sleep on a chair in the most uncomfortable positions, just like IRL. The ultimate "waiting for my flight" experience. Immersion!
  • No clutter abilities or menus: Thanks to Dynamic Activation Key, there are no menus or anything that takes you out of the game. Press SHIFT (or your pre-determined DAK key/controller button) and the text marker will change from "Sit" to "Sleep". 
  • Compatible with everything: Works with everything, including Go To Bed.

S H O W C A S E 



  • Mfg Fix (If you want your character to close their eyes)

〜AzX, Ares, El, Eric, Fatsalaad, Fluffpants,  
Macpherb, Nanoteh, Nick, Nightfallstorm,
Sea Sparrow, Tzephira Ball〜

& everyone who is supporting me on Patreon or via other means
Thank you! Your support means a lot!

ESL flagged? Safe to install mid-game?

(Looks at date) Is this a joke?
No. I'd never joke about siestas. This is serious business. All my April Fools mods are serious. Even when I joke, I only joke immersively.

What were your other April Fools mods?
2021: Pet The Dog (Later replaced by: Immersion Interactions - do not use both mods together)
2022: Caught Red Handed - Quest Expansion
2023: Skyrim on Skooma (Just got a HUGE update today - Rejoice!)
2024: Take a Nap (Get it while it's hot!)
2025: ???

Skyrim on Skooma is getting an update you say?
Hell yeah! A huge one too. The mod is expanded significantly. If you're not familiar with Skyrim on Skooma, I've managed to marry silliness and immersion without putting the seriousness of your story (or your saves) at risk. Each time you take skooma, something unexpected will happen while you trip out. Give it a try, you won't regret it.

I don't like back pain! (duh lol) / I don't like naps only lasting up to 3 hours!
You can open the console and type "Set Nap_BackPain to 0" to disable back pain. You can type "Set Nap_MaximumHours to 24" to remove the time limit. If only it was this easy IRL!

How dare you culturally appropriate the siesta!
Siestas belong to everyone! Pro Spaniard tip: Make sure you wake up before the 25 min mark, or you might feel like a truck ran you over.

Can I use DAR instead of OAR?
Yes, the mod and animations work on both, but OAR has some extra features, so use OAR for the ultimate nap experience.

I love you Jay, will you marry me? (This is for real a FAQ - although not a very serious one... I hope!)
First, where is your amulet of Mara. Second, you haven't even chopped any wood for me. Third, this.


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