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Hello! This mod adds 700+ lore-friendly lines of dialogue to the existing residents of Windhelm (about 30 NPCS are modified). NPCS were given major dialogue overhauls so as to really represent the sterile, hostile nature of Windhelm, itself. I also added 30 more scenes (NPC-NPC conversations) between them all. Voiced by 11labs AI. ESPFE.

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Hey, so this one was a doozy. In short (but not so short as to be constrained within a miniscule 350 character limit), this mod adds an abundance of "Greet" dialogue to NPCS pertaining to: the player's race (Beast races are looked down upon in a major way by many of the bigoted residents for example, same as Elves and Imperials); the player's Sex; the player's allegiance and service in the Civil War respective of each side; and finally, the quests the player has completed that are unique to Windhelm.

On top of this, there's 30 additional scenes added to the Windhelm 'pool'. There are eighteen new scenes in Candlehearth; four new market scenes; three new Cornerclub scenes; two new scenes between Viola and Captain. Lonely-Gale; two new dockworker scenes (previously there were zero); and one new blacksmith scene. As with the dialogue, a portion of these scenes rely on the player completing quests (Innocence Lost, CW Imperial victory, CW Stormcloaks victory, an Argonian player completing the quest "Blood On the Ice"). 

A major goal of this mod was to add life to the NPCS and give the player the impression there's a living, breathing world + of course...people were always just way, way too friendly in Windhelm. 

Let me know what ya'll think! Till next time (It might be a while--this one took some work)!

Video example showing just a few lines unique to Khajiits, Dark Elves, and a few other races...

*Compatible with everything. 

*I highly, highly recommend downloading and enabling "Realistic Conversations" by "Gorgulla". With this enabled, you can hear the conversations play out more than Vanilla.

*And let me give a hearty thank you to "YoungEmmaWatson" for porting many of my mods to Xbox already; your work is noticed and appreciated... If you wish to port, YoungEmma, no permission needed, my friend. 

Next on the docket: Dialogue Expansion - Riften
Dialogue Expansion - Keeper Carcette (With a real voice actress this time - praise Talos) 

Disclaimer: I do not condone any dialogue created via 11labs (or any other source of AI voice synthesis technology) that is heinous, perverse, lewd, defamatory, and/or disrespectful to the voice actors/actresses and/or their in-game portrayal. I do not accept donation points; nor, will I ever set up a means to receive compensation for my mods in any way, IE: Patreon, PayPal, Cash App, etc.

An enormous thank you to "quietlychamil" for their work in creating custom race compatibility patches. 

A giant thank you to all the translators out there: you know who you are! Much love.

Let me give a major thank you to BGS and the following Voice Actors/Voice Actresses in the original cast of Skyrim. Their performances far outshine the world of AI synthesis technology. Thank you for bringing Skyrim to life all those years back. 


Female Shrill Voicetype - Lauri Handler

Male Argonian Voicetype - Tim Blaney

Male Nord Commander Voicetype - Paul Ganus

Male Dark Elf Voicetype - Keith Szarabajka

Male Old Grumpy Voicetype - Jim Cummings

Male Old Kindly Voicetype -  George Coe

Male Brute Voicetype - Popeye Vogelsang

Female Young Eager Voicetype - Corri English

Male Nord Voicetype - Michael Gough

Female Elf Haughty Voicetype - Julianne Buescher

Male Condescending Voicetype - Keith Silverstein

Male Drunk Voicetype - William Salyers

Female Sultry Voicetype - Susan Eisenberg

Male Sly Cynical Voicetype - Stephen Russell