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With Jedo_Dre's permission, I present the Special Edition port of Historical Revival.

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  • Mandarin
I fixed the problem c Install issue (thanks fosforos12) and split the replacer & standalone into separate downloads.  Both versions include the Roman conversion.  If you don't want the conversion, or just the Roman gear, simply untick the plugin.  

The Oldrim version of the replacers required you to place the plugins at the very bottom of the load order, or else they wouldn't work.  This doesn't seem to be the case for Special Edition.  

The Germanic helmets & the Windhelm armory are in the standalone only.  And for some reason the arcani armor works for females in the standalone, but not the replacer.  

This is merely a port of Jedo_Dre's mod.  All credit of course goes to him and the team who helped him.  The full description can be found on his version.

Oldrim version with full mod info: