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Fully Combines Vivid Weathers and True Storms into a single weather system.

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Welcome To my to Vivid Weathers and True Storms Merged Compatibility Patch.

This patch provides merged Compatibility for

This is however not a simple Overwrite patch, but it fully merges both mods into a single experience.

Load Order Recommendation
1: True Storms Special Edition
2: Vivid Weathers Special Edition
3: Vivid Weathers & True Storms MCP (this Patch)

This patch cannot function without both mods.
This Load Order is what i personally use and the patch might not properly work if not ordered properly.
Does Not require and will overwrite Vivid Weathers - Extended Snow/Rain ESPs (or you can have them overwrite this, but you will lose True Storms sounds during all heavy rains as well)
Not Fully Compatible with "Vivid Weathers - Winter Season". True Storms unique weathers will be lost when using Winter seasons but all effects will remain

Currently provides Compatibility for versions
Vivid Weathers SE: V1.62
True Storms SE: V1.01

What this Patch does:

1: Combines True Storms thunder and Vivid Weathers thunder on all valid weathers
2: allows Sounds from both mods to be controlled separately via Audio Sliders
3: Implements True Storms Rain and Snow Particle changes to all weathers
4: Implements Vivid Weathers Lighting and Effects changes to all True Storms Weathers
5: Fully adds all True Storms unique regional changes to Vivid Weathers Expanded weather system
6: Enables True Storms Interior sounds with all Rainstorms (including Vivid weather uniques)
7: fixes the "hearing rain but seeing snow" issue of Vivid Weathers (incorrect entry for particles)
8: Fully enables the Vivid Weathers "control book" to work with True Storms unique weathers properly (without grayscale night vision when setting night light level to doom =P)

This mod was created nearly in its entirety in SSEEdit
Click that link and endorse the xEdit Team!

Vivid Weathers: Mangaclub - Doodlezoid
True Storms: fadingsignal 
xEdit: ElminsterAU and SSEEdit team (Nexus Upload by zilav)


There is now a optional Download that allows for compatibility between the Vivid Weathers & True Storms MCP, and Wet and cold. if you want wet and cold to fully reconize the new ash weathers added by both mods, as well as the inclusion of the 3 wet and cold unique ash storms, download the Wet and Cold Optional File.

The two options include a ALL IN ONE patch, that combines all three mods in one go, and a patch that patches wet and cold into the existing MCP patch.

*Minor Disclaimers*

This patch was not directly created by or is in any way assisted or associated with/by the creators of the original weather mods. It is in all viewpoints/opinions/potential Considerations an UNOFFICIAL patch. Some Issues present in the base mods can and will appear in this mod, and Any Vanilla Issue with those mods will generally appear here.

this patch partially restores Vanilla Ash weather in Solestiem. Vanilla Weathers in the Ash regions were personally altered to Vivid Weathers visuals for this. this is done exclusively in the ash regions and is done for personal preference to restore the feel of the region, as well as to fully ensure that the many unique weathers introduced to that region by true storms are not out of place. Vivid Weathers by Default replaces the ash regions with a copy of normal skyrim weather but with a few unique "light ashfall" weathers added in the regional list. These Unique Vivid weathers remain in the patch altered Regional weather lists and fit in with the revamped TS and Vanilla Ashlands weathers.

some other personal creative licenses were taken, mostly in order to ensure that the True Storms unique weathers to not look out of place against the Vivid color and lighting overhauls.

My PC is not the newest and was never the most powerful... do not expect me to upload a video of this as my old thing would chug along at 4 frames per second if i had the game at full ultra and Fraps going at the same time! AND NO ONE WANTS TO SEE THAT. It lags at full ultra as it is, tho amazingly its fully playable at the rates i get. i was happy to get the screenshots i got.


this actually made the front page? neato.

still waiting for something big to change in these two mods.. so far nothing that affects what this Patch handles.