Food Duration Fix by AlecsZ
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Added: 23/06/2017 - 12:10PM
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Author: AlecsZ

Up: Add patch with mod Skyrim Immersive Creatures Special Edition.

 This is a reworking of the effects of all food in Skyrim. Food now works for some time, basically I made 5 seconds. The duration of the positive effects of food has also been changed. Mod is compatible with an unofficial patch and requires it, since some food is changed in it.
 Cooked food, such as soups, were redone so that it craft could make sense. New effects of soups enhance the main skills of the player.

- Skyrim SE
Beyond Skyrim - Bruma SE for optional version

1. Download the Main file. Install any modmanagers, or manually;
2. Play!

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Thank for game Bethesda Softworks
Thank for Idea ChocolateNoodle
Thank for mod The Magic of Food and Drink MisterB1969, which inspired me to work with this mod
Thank The Beyond Skyrim - Cyrodiil Development Team for mod Beyond Skyrim - Bruma