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A lightweight, vanilla+ "overhaul" of the vanilla Civil War soldiers and gear.

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I find the vanilla Civil War soldiers to be rather bland, inconsistent, and unintimidating. I'm not a fan of new armor mods and wanted a very simple vanilla friendly enhancement to them, and so I created this mod, the successor to Immersive Civil War Units Reborn.

Gear Changes:

-The studded Imperial cuirass is now actually stronger that the light version. It weighs slightly more and also has a small value increase.

-All standard Imperial soldiers now wear the heavy Imperial helmet, and only wear the "medium" (studded) set of armor. They now also always use light shields. Scouts, couriers, and a few specific archers still wear the light set.

-Imperial officers will now sometimes wear helmets, and use heavy shields instead of light shields.

-Legate Rikke now wears a helmet during sieges.

-The Imperial soldiers guarding Castle Dour now wear heavy armor, befitting of their station.

-Imperial horses now use Imperial saddles. (Merged in from my other mod.)

-An unused sleeved variant of the Stormcloak cuirass has been added to the leveled lists for Stormcloak soldiers to spawn with, and has the "Sleeved” prefix added to the name.

-Stormcloaks can now spawn with a greater variety of shields, including Windhelm Guard shields, (renamed to Stormcloak Shield) iron shields, and iron banded shields.

-Stormcloaks have a slightly higher chance of wearing the non-full face helmet. Scaled helmets in their leveled lists are also now set to only start spawning at level 5, and Stormcloak soldiers can now spawn with more helmets during sieges.

-Stormcloak couriers and scouts no longer use two handed weapons or shields.

-Stormcloaks no longer spawn with multiple shields.

-An optional addon that makes horses in Stormcloak camps and forts wear Stormcloak saddles is available. (Requires the Wild Horses Creation.)

Stat Changes:

-Civil war soldiers were pitifully weak in the vanilla game, always at a quarter of your level. They now level with you up to level 50.

-There is now some actual distinction between standard soldiers, officers, and field commanders. Officers are stronger and more skilled than standard soldiers, and field commanders are stronger and more skilled than officers.

-Stats on Rikke and Galmar have been rebalanced and fixed. Rikke was far too strong and Galmar was very weak.

Diversity and Voice Changes:

-Female soldiers have been added to the Legion and Imperial guard force. They had fully voiced dialogue recorded, but were never implemented for design reasons that I disagree with.

-Speaking of fully voiced dialogue, Nord legionnaires now use the MaleNord voicetype instead of MaleSoldier, which again was fully recorded but never implemented by design choice. This even applies to a few Legates.

-Officers on both sides of the war now use unique NPC lists with the proper voicetypes, consistent with existing officers in the vanilla game.

Misc. Changes:

-Dead soldiers now have weapons and other standard commodities on their bodies like regular soldiers. Their voices have also been corrected in case you reanimate them, and dead Stormcloaks are now Nords instead of Imperials.

-You are now given weapons along with the armor you pick when joining either side.

-Some NPCs have been renamed to actually represent their role. (i.e. Stormcloak scouts are now named "Stormcloak Scout.")

-Fort commanders now use officer gear and are actually named accordingly. Their stats are consistent with other officers.

-Gear placed in forts is now more consistent with what's actually used by the armies. (Stormcloak forts will no longer be filled with random armor they don't even use.)

-Various other small tweaks and consistency fixes.