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The idea of the mod is to put some balance into this beautiful game. No scripts.
Safe to install and uninstall anytime, with one note:
You might need to reset alteration perks if you have invested certain perks.
It can be done by making skill legendary, in (spoiler) Apocrypha or via console commands.

Permissions and credits
No more 10 months shout cooldown.
No more 500 damage swords.
No more 0 cost spells.
No more 100% spell absorb at level 1.
No more enchanting 100 in 5 minutes.
No more speech 100 in 2857952 years.
No more 3 perks for 30% magic resistance.
Much more of no more... read documentation.

Moderate changes to the game, trying to provide better overall game experience.
This is just the beggining, more yet to come.
The main goal is that all changes remain mild and not game-breaking, while still actually doing something.

Requires Skyrim Special Edition.
Requires Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.

Version 2.00 of the mod completely remade for better compatibility.

Any suggestions are most wellcome!

Please, see Readme/Documentation. Every change is written there and hopefully explained.
Not compatibile with mods that modify certain item values, shouts, skills and some perks. Won't crash the game, but not compatibile in terms that some values will be overridden.
Bashed patch should help if you have some conflicts in leveled lists, i. e. if items from some mods never appear in game, Bashed patch should merge them to work properly.

Special thanks to Duggelz, the author of Left handed rings mod.