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MLU patches by other users for mods not patched on the main page

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Unofficial patches by users for mods not covered on the main page
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While most mods have no problems with MorrowLoot Ultimate whatsoever, the New Weapons & Armor category tends to have issues and never stops growing. I am but one man, attempting to balance too many hobbies, full-time work, personal fitness, and... a social life? Probably not. Point is, you guys deserve a place to share & download each others' contributions.

Disclaimers: I can't personally guarantee the quality of every file here. The authors may not be interested in answering questions. Feel free to discuss any thoughts or questions in the comments.
Note: The desc of the files tags them as MLUC which means Morrowloot Ultimate Community, to distinguish them from the 'official' files on the main MLU page.


Patch descriptions & authors

Royal Armory patch by MisterNPA
Buffs the stats of Ebony/Daedric weapons from Royal Armory to match MLU

Skyforge Weapons patch by MisterNPA
Buffs Skyforge Ebony weapons to match MLU, adds Ancient Knowledge requirement to Dwarven

Skyrim Expanded Weaponry patch by the1yunico
Fixes leveled lists & stats of the new weapons to match MLU

Heavy Armory patch by the1yunico
Fixes leveled lists & stats of the new weapons to match MLU

Magical College of Winterhold patch by Gamingsrc

Resolves some indirect conflicts at The College

Revenge of the Enemies patch by Gamingsrc

Resolves conflicts (check here for more details & more of his work)

Beyond Skyrim - Bruma "loot cap" by Beldoril
Nothing yet exists to make Bruma work like MLU, but Beldoril made a patch that will remove Glass+ drops from the leveled lists. NPCs/enemies will still scale and there is no new hand-placed loot. I call it a "loot cap" and it should make Bruma "safe" to play on an existing MLU save. Big thanks to Beldoril for the work!

Book of UUNP patch by waylander47

Balances it with MLU so stats are consistent

Animated Armorypatch by clioshand
Balances AA DAR v1.1 with MLU

On separate pages:

This patch for Immersive Weapons by Tzu2050:

This patch for Scoped Bows by NullBy7e:

This patch for Immersive Sounds Compendium by WKrorschach:
(note that this can minorly conflict with a number of other MLU patches, but it can easily be corrected in a custom patch with SSEEdit if you want perfection)

Got a patch to contribute? Send it in via PM or the comments,
I'll be happy to put it on the page.