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by sa547
12:50 AM 2/20/2018

This mod adds very large trees to and around Skyrim's major cities. You can either install for individual cities or all cities, for either winter or summer/spring/tropical weathers.

In addition to extensive testing and cleaning, care has been taken to ensure that this mod is compatible with known city revamp and flora mods.


As tested, this mod is compatible with mods such as:
Skyrim Flora Overhaul 1.91 (both regular and summer editions)
Breezehome Fully Upgradable
Inconsequential NPCs
JK's Skyrim Lite/Superlite
Oblivion Gates

Should work with:
JK's Skyrim Regular (some clipping may bound to occur)
Dawn of Skyrim/Whiterun/Solitude (some clipping may bound to occur)
Most other flora overhauls

Not compatible with mods that completely alter the northwestern area of Whiterun.


Since this mod does not use or alter existing navmeshes, it should be safe to merge some of the modules for further customization.

Tree LOD generation

For best quality, optional tree LOD billboards in 512-pixel size have been provided separately, for use with TES5LODgen or DyndoLOD and better compatibility with other flora mods.


Some mods that add or modify Whiterun or Solitude, such as large buildings, houses or other structures, may cause clipping or collision with trees. Please inform me of such incompatibilities.
Low-performance/older PCs or laptops may experience considerable framerate drops due to the added vegetation.


NMM/MO Installation -- download, add the mod and install.
Manual Installation -- open the archive, open the Data folder, then select the files you need, click-and-drag them into the Skyrim Data folder. Activate using any mod manager such as Wrye Bash.


NMM/MO Uninstallation -- deactivate, then uninstall the mod.
Manual Uninstallation -- deactivate in any mod manager, then go to the Skyrim Data folder and delete Paradise_City_*.esp and accopanying .BSA


Ga-Knomboe Boy's GKB Green Trees kit


This mod is exclusively released for both Nexus and TES Alliance. Any alteration to the mod requires my express permission, but redistribution/upload to other sites and/or commercial exploitation such as inclusion into an illegal mod pack for "donations" are prohibited.