Skyrim - ASCENSYON Ep94 The Ascensyon and The Diamond by gothic
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Skyrim - ASCENSYON Ep94 The Ascensyon & The Diamond

Romance and Funnies from the very start ! ! !

Key Quests:
- Blood's Honor
- Desperate Times - Helgen Reborn
- Molon Labe - Helgen Reborn
- Valdr Dagger - Moss Mother Cave
- Purity of Revenge
- Glory of the Dead

My BLIND play through of the Elderscrolls - Skyrim

My Character: Raimyr El'Eluril - Male Dunmer.
Originally created as a Non-Playing Character for my Elder Scrolls Oblivion Mod: Belda Elysium (Manor House and Quests)

Chief Custodian to Emperor Uriel Septim VII of Cyrodiil. Anyway, that was the cover story during the Oblivion Crisis. In truth - Loyal Agent, Spy, and when called for it, Assassin for the Empire.

Father of two Daughters - Myrisi'l (Battle-Mage) and Sylvian-Lir (Cleric of Azura).
Raimyr returned to Belda Elysium (Cyrodiil) with Harkon's Ashes to create a Vampire Cure for his daughter Sylvian-Lir. Unfortunately, his time with his family was cut short. Duty Calls. Titus Mede II having heard his report of the return of the Dragons to Skyrim, has given strict orders to Raimyr, to return, not to destroy the Dragon threat, but to find out how this can be used to aid the Empire in their fight against the Thalmor.

And found it he has! During his adventures in Solstheim he has learnt much about the history and the powers wielding by the Dragonborn and Dragon Priests. He must now seeks out these Dragon Walls to further his knowledge, if he is to have any hope of aiding the Empire Defeat the the oppression of the Third Aldmeri Dominion and End this War!

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