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Some people have asked me if I was going to put a price on my mods and I want to explain my position about this.


I have no problems with modders wanting to get paid for their mods. It requires time and effort to create a mod and getting paid it is a form of recognition that others value your work, too. Probably only few will be able of living on the money get from mods, but we all like our effort and work being appreciated by others and being paid for it is one way of showing this appreciation :)


I am not going to ask for money for my mods for the following reasons:


Luckily I have a real job and I make mods in my free time. I only make what I want to see in my game and nobody else has done (and I am capable of, there are lots of things I cannot make XD). 

Also, once I get bored with a game I deinstall it and move to another one.


If I sell my mods then the people buying them will become my clients and I will have to treat them as that and make the mods the way they want them not the way I want them, and offer support even after I am not playing the game anymore.


On the other hand, I often use (always with their permission, of course), other people works in my mods so they are not 100% mine and I don't think it is fair to be paid for work made by others.


And last but no least, my mods are quite normal and I don't think anybody will be paying for them (I wouldn't!) XD


So my reasons are quite selfish, you see ;)


I am following all the news, though. I think it is interesting to see where all this is going ;)



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