Lilium Follower - Standalone - New Spells w Custom Armor and Weapons by messiasmummo and maymay1588
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This is probably going to be my last mod for awhile, so do not expect a lot of updates or addons. New spells might be added later on, but that will be the extent of it. Custom voice acting or quests are not planned, but if someone wants to extend on that, then just let me know so I can help out anyway possible. Tips, suggestions, or criticism that are 'CONSTRUCTIVE' in nature will be considered regardless, so do not hesitate to comment them.

The follower is an edited version of a character I created awhile back that has been requested as a mod. Then to make it a bit unique decided to add armor... then spells.... then weapons, so here it is now. Big thanks to messiasmummo for agreeing to texture this project and really bringing it to another level.

I am well aware that this follower is more on the 'anime elf' spectrum verses the lore friendly elf side (I still have nightmares of getting stabbed to death by the vanilla elf chins *shudders*. Thank the gods for EEO). Thus I tried to keep this mod a mixture of how I play Skyrim, a bit of both. While like many I enjoy the wonderful lore friendly mods that make the Skyrim experience seem more realistic and catered toward keeping it the gritty world it is meant to be, I also enjoy throwing in the unrealistic stuff from time to time. Having the game one way or the other all the time is boring and a disservice to the modders who devote their time to bring wonderful and free content to both groups in my opinion, so hopefully the wrath of the lore trolls and their ensuing rant that another mod has been wasted can be avoided.


Adds a new follower to Skyrim, along with 3 new custom spells that are plant based, a new armor set, new bow, arrows, and sword. There is also an optional file without the follower for those who only want the spells, weapons, and armor.

Thank you svaalbard!

Thank you jango1!

The armor is UNP FEMALE ONLY and no support for male nor other body versions are planned. It should however work just fine with other female body meshes when worn.

The Blessings of Nature quest will need to be completed or in progress in order to reach Lilium or the chest, unless you choose to use the console to reach the area. She is your ally so no matter what you choose during that mission she should side with you and not attack. It would make more sense to make her attack you once you read the follower details, but given she is essential and would attack if you wanted the other option, I thought it was best to keep it this way. If you have an opinion on it let me know please. For her to follow, simply talk to her ask for her to follow you.


If you are wondering about the name "Lilium" it is the Latin term for "Lily" or the genus name of them (sorry, science nerd here).

With her ancestry linking to the Wood Elves and Dryads, she is truly an elf of the forests. After devoting her time in the Sanctuary and earning the secrets from the ancient tree, the Evergleam, she has now been entrusted with its knowledge of forgotten magic and the power it holds. Nature runs in her blood and with her gifts, she is eager to pass that knowledge onto another and follow them across the lands in search of adventure.

Race: Silvan Elf (To resolve any confusion, just like her name, I used the Latin term Silvan or Sylvan 'of the forest' not really so much as reference to LOTR.)
Class: New Version Nature Mage, old version Scout
Does not affect stealth meter
Will level up with player
Body: UNP (However, since she is standalone, you can swap out her meshes and textures for whatever you prefer).

She will now use the custom spells added to mod.


Since they are nearly non-existent in Skyrim, it was decided to make these plant/nature based. This is a first attempt at making spells, so they are not perfect, but still fun to use.

Death Forest: Causes leeching trees to grow from the earth around you and drain stamina, health, and magicka from enemy along with dealing poison damage.
School - Destruction
Level - Expert
Cost - 28

Petal Cloak: Creates a vortex of petals around you that drains health and deals damage to anyone in melee range.
School - Destruction
Level - Adept
Cost - 93

Tree Prison: Traps an enemy in a circle of trees not allowing them to move for 60 seconds. During this time they can still use ranged attacks against you.
School - Alteration
Level - Expert
Cost - 74

All spell tomes can be found in either Lilium's inventory or the chest.


Armor is originally based of the elven armor and is enchantable. Crafting and tempering is not an option as of now, but armor can be found in either Lilium's inventory or the Silvan chest depending of the file downloaded. For the hood, there are four hair color options including: red, blonde, black, and brown. Armor is weight slider supported for UNP body.

Silvan Armor:
Rating - 120
Weight - 4
Value - 1250

Silvan Boots:
Rating - 43
Weight - 1
Value - 900

Silvan Bracers:
Rating - 58
Weight - 1
Value - 500

Silvan Cape:
Rating - 113
Weight - 2
Value - 750

Silvan Hood:
Rating - 85
Weight - 1
Value - 750


Also originally based off of elven weapons the bow might be a bit overpowered.

Silvan Sword:
Damage - 24
Weight - 6
Value - 1250

Silvan Arrows:
Damage - 26
Weight - 0
Value - 40

Silvan Bow:
Damage - 87
Weight - 5
Value - 1400

All weapons can be found in either Lilium's inventory or the chest.


1. Download and extract file into the Data folder, by default its location should be steam/steamapp/common/Skyrim/data
2. Find Lilium or chest in Evergleam Sanctuary all the way up the path to the Evergleam Tree.

1. Remove folders for Silvan armor and Lilium Follower as well as the esp file.


The hood was crashing the game when worn during testing phase, but this issue should be resolved. The armor also has some clipping as well.


None. Thanks to the the original authors and their permissions, she is completely standalone.


This mod should work with UFO and other follower mods, but here are some tips if you run into issues:
If there is no dialogue options, open a save with the mod activated, save, exit the game, then relaunch the game and that new save. Now try speaking to Lilium.
Also, try placing Lilium Companion esp above the UFO esp or any other follower mods that instruct to do so.


Bethesda for the creation of Skyrim, the meshes and textures used for edit, and the creation kit.




messiasmummo for texturing armor and weapons.

vie101010 for testing and porting sword from TES Obilvion.

throttlekitty for sword mesh and textures.

verteiron for spell scripts and meshes used to make Tree Prison Spell. Both Earth Prison and Tree Prison spells use the same scripts and are compatible with one another.

LogRaam for eye textures.

hellosanta for face and body textures.

apachii for hair mesh and textures.

lthot for eyebrow textures.

Nikinoodles for original cloak mesh and texture.

dimon99 for UNP body meshes.

Phygit for UNP body feet meshes.

tktk1 for Enhanced Character Edit used to create face appearance.

Linthiel for Evok ENB used to take screenshots.

Fraper for porting Triss armor boots.

The original Triss armor concept, mesh and textures are owned and copyrighted by CD Projekt and used with permission. The Witcher is a trademark of CD Projekt. All rights reserved.


Bracer mesh, main body armor mesh, Petal Cloak spell, and Death Forest spell ONLY are free to use without asking permission. However, all other textures and meshes are not my work and proper permission from the original authors must be obtained before using. Feel free to pm me for further questions.