Skyrim Mod Sanctuary 88 : Realistic Water Two

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  1. vicki2009
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    Hi Gopher
    When you first posted this video I could click the YouTube button on nexus and was taken to your site on YouTube to view the video.  I now can't and yours is not the only one, the button just no longer works. I understand nexus has apparently changed some things for uploading videos but don't undestand why I no longer can use the button. I have installed a new graphics card but don't see how that would be a problem here.  Have had a look on the forums and can't find an answer, appreciate this is not necessarialy the place for this question, but if you or someone could help  would be greatful
    1. Unbilledrelic
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      You can just right click and copy URL and paste it in another browser open it that way for now
  2. Tesshin20
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    Realistic Water 2 is what I prefer.

    Water is not suppose to be blue or green in cloudy weather. Its more dark and grey. I think Realistic Water 2 does that best.
  3. shinygamer
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    Water 2 has great froth and bubbles at low angles, nice for screenshots, but it does seem to have a very shiny reflective quality at times, almost like a highly reflective blanket covering all the water, as often with mods water 2 is great in some areas and less so in other areas, using Climates Of Tamriel Project ENB.
    screenshot here.
  4. emieri00
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    Used water and realistic water 2 in the past, and thanks to the comparison shots i can say...
    Pure waters have some specially pretty regions, but all the options, tweaks and additions that realistic water 2 apply to the game are a must for me.
  5. xxxkillermia
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    In your next video gopher could you check this mod out: basically it makes your arrows quick select so instead of going threw your inventory and selecting your arrows you can just press a hot key to scroll up or down.
  6. NukeBoat305
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    Hey great comparison video! Over all, in my opinion W.A.T.E.R's the winner, it brings a nice balance, whereas the other mods sometimes look a little too flat, at least with the vanilla shader comparisons.

    EDIT: Why is there no way i can contact you Gopher? xD
    Oh well, ill just post it here, perhaps youll see it

    I've been playing skyrim ever since its release in 11-11-11, and i've been enjoying every second of it.
    When i first discovered your video series i realised i needed this on pc, thats...2-3 years ago now? xD

    i feel old... TT-TT

    Sorry for not subscribing earlier, you're doing a great job.

    However, to the matter i wished to discuss.
    I'd like you to review Stakado's Cinemascope ENB, which i have used for the last 2 years; Give it the attention it deserves.

    I own a fairly mediocre rig. Its a gtx 660 with 1.5 gb vram, however it doesnt allocate its memory as fast as a standard issue gtx 660.
    And im rocking a dual core i3 3.3 ghz, your rig outnumbers mine pretty much 3 to 1.

    Heres the deal though; i am able to run this enb flawlessly, NO performance loss, at all.
    Reason being the fact this enb is highly optimised for lower end gfx cards, but its still a lot of image quality for that piece of performance xD
    Though it doesnt have a lot of the newer, more taxing features that exist today;
    it still comes with a lot of goodies you really wont see anywhere else.
    Pretty easy installation, multiple versions depending on personal preference and easy configuration is available.

    After two years of enhanced gameplay with this, ill certainly vouch for it.

    Keep making amazing videos!
    1. thegreatheimskar
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      really, I just replaZed real water two & cot with pure water pure weather. bekoZ its more realistic, and real water two & cot looks cartoonish. so I uninstall real water two & cot, and Installed pure water & pure weather gr8 CoMboZ! so real! itz liek watching supeR RealZ Naturze fr0m my PC.
    2. NukeBoat305
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      I guess it really just boils down to personal preference, but dont forget the fact the lighting is actually geographically different depending on where youre living in real life, so my nordic "realism" can greatly differ from yours.

      Truly, if i were to install mods for the ultimate lighting experience (for me.)
      It would be a mix of cot with cinemascope classic or real preset.

      Its also a fact that if you change th lighting, the reflexion on the water changes too.
      So the water mod which looks "best" often depends on which lighting mods you've got too.
    3. PG1
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      It also boils down to the use of ENBs and SweetFX, they have an incredible impact on the visual style of the water.
  7. lordburnch
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    Sorry to post this here but a steam user by the name of Sam Suphit, is placing Nexus exclusive mods on the Steam Skyrim Workshop! Me and Ghosu (One of the modders who's work has been stolen and uploaded on Steam) have asked him to remove the mod and or mods. However he has removed our comments.
    (I am posting it here because Gopher Pm box is ether full or disabled, and because now a lot more people can read it and help out)

    ~Lord Burnch~
    1. Laast
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      You can report this guy by clicking on his name on Steam.
  8. JuiceBoxHero0110
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    Don't worry Gopher sir, your voice was quite elegant as always c: and thank you! I've been hoping you would do a comparison video for water.. I've been flopping about on which water mod I should use for my newest (and long awaited) adventure in Skyrim!
  9. Laast
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    I've updated Pure Waters recently (far better reflections). Too bad you seems to have made your video before the update...^^

    (Oh and you were curious about Pure Weather, so I confirm to you that it is now available on nexus).