Skyrim Mod Sanctuary 87

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  1. zerther
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    gopher dude, I love all ur vids and uploads, it has definitely kept skyrim alive for me. I stopped playing for a few months, and when i checked out some of your vids, especially the memory fix one it totally breathed new life into skyrim for me. thanks.
  2. BeliyTigra
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    Hi all,

    Just to share my findigns about what are the armor and 2H sword in this video's 1st screen. Well, look for Knight Of Thorns Armor And Spear of Thorns here
    - use exHelmet and that's the same as in video.
    And for getting that 2H sword look for Dread Knight Weapon Set here
    Hope it helps someone.
  3. BurtFreeman
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    i'm sorry to post here, but i don't really know where else (i tried personal contact without success).
    i just wander what's happend to the files of the month: i mean we are close to the middle of april and is still stuck on march.
    if there is a tread somewhere to this talking, please reply a link.
    thank you
  4. tonycubed2
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    Hi gopher .

    Thank you for reviews. Excellent as always.

    Any chance of ever showcasing encounter mods? Has not been done so far you. Would love to see one, and not just because I author SOT.
  5. Vipu
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    Hi, this is A BIT offtopic but I have not been playing skyrim for loooong time but I still have all my mods etc.

    I might have deleted some shortcut to start skyrim and I remember there had to be some shortcut to start it from if its modded etc.
    I remember it didnt start from normal skyrimlauncher.
    Someone help tell me what shortcut it had to be?

    Edit: ah nwm had to start it from that skse shortcut
  6. berlinsmiles
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    hi gopher,

    BOSS is LOOT for quite some time now but it seems the community does not really know about that. the BOSS files havent included a new mod since january if I read the forums right. could you please think about doing a new review? as LOOT is quite different from BOSS as far as load order criteria is concerend....

    no one else I can think of has so much audience for spreading news []

    have a nice weekend. []

    P.S. no, I am not connected to LOOT . I stumbled upon this just yesterday and thought it might be interesting for everyone still using BOSS.
  7. whismerhill
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    I doubt you will read this Gopher
    but I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your videos
    Just like 2minutes ago I was checking out FCO (found people talking about it in Vilja's thread)
    and... when I saw a video section I headed straight for yours.

    I'm not very good at praising people but let me try :
    -NOT annoying voice (omg some of those childs doing videos here and there xD)
    -explains well but don't drag on stuff for too long either (mod organizer tutorial videos anyone ???)
    -does not try to rush stuff unlike many others where you're like ... "WTF are they gonna miss their train ?"

    so thank you Gopher.
  8. Abubakur
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    Would you be so nice and maybe talk about mods (like FCO) if they are multilingual? Sometimes those mods change my language :/
  9. crazyrazor23
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    lmao at the urge to throtle him lol
  10. terzaerian
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    Oh my gosh! A Gopher spot! I am honored, thanks for the showcase!