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A hunger system for werewolves with immersive audio/visual notifications and bonuses or negatives for keeping your inner beast fed... or starved.

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The Backstory / Why I Made The Mod
When I first played Skyrim, I was thrilled with the option of being a werewolf~ But I found I rarely remembered or bothered to actually use Beast Form outside of the companions' questline. This made me sad. :( Then I found moonlight tales, and thought the idea of forced transformations was so cool! Then Dephine attacked me in the middle of a scene because I wasn't paying attention to the time, and didn't want to skip dialogue when I started getting warning messages... So that was the end of forced transformations for me. (No offence to MT, it's still a great mod, just a little too hardcore for me!) That was years ago and I didn't know how to mod. But now I do, so I can finally make my dream werewolf mod! (Well, one of several, actually, haha.)

What It Does
It adds a kind of 'Hunger' system for werewolves.
I wanted a reason to actually use Beast Form. I wanted it to be highly encouraged, but not get in the way of playing.
I wanted being a werewolf to actually affect your dragonborn, both in and out of werewolf form!

By default, it will start tracking after the first time you feed. After that, you will start getting immersive notifications when your werewolf is getting hungry, once every in-game hour(Adjustable in the MCM). IE. You will hear distant howling, the screen will blur, and everything will turn red tinted for several seconds. As you get even more hungry, the effects will intensify, happen more frequently, and you will start hearing growling as well.

The rate your hunger increases varies base on moon phase.
Werewolves hunger rate is at its max during Full Moons, and very low during New Moons.

There are 4 levels of hunger, each with different bonuses/negatives:

Sated Beast: HP/MP/SP Regen +5%
Restless Beast: HP Regen -5%
Ravenous Beast: HP Regen -25%, Stamina Regen -5%
Famished Beast: HP Regen -40%, Stamina Regen -5%

Additionally, these are also affected by perks!

Sated Beast additional bonuses:
Beastial Strength Lv1: Attack Damage +5%
Beastial Strength Lv2: Stamina +50
Beastial Strength Lv3: 
Carry Weight +25
Beastial Strength Lv4: 
Damage Resistance +10
Totem of Ice Brothers: MP +25
Totem of the Moon: Stamina Regen +20%
Totem of the Predator: Movement Speed +5%
Animal Vigor: HP +50

Note: These are the bonus at lv40+, at lower levels some of these are scaled down.

Restless/Ravenous/Famished Beast additional bonuses:

Totem of Terror: Attack Damage +10/5/0%
Gorging: Lessens HP Regen debuff to -0/15/25%(Down from -5/25/40%)
Savage Feeding: Negates Stamina Regen debuff.

Additionally, there is also an option to make Beast Form into a Lesser Power, limited by hunger level. 
(In vanilla it is a Greater Power available only once per day.)
With the new Lesser Beast Form, you will be able to transform unlimited times per day, as long as your wolf is not 'Full'.
This condition is bypassed when you are either low-HP, or have the Ring of Hircine equipped.

And an option to enable the Rested bonus for those with beast blood! 
(In vanilla werewolves cannot gain rested bonuses from sleeping.)
With this option enabled, you will be able to get Rested, Well Rested, Lover's Comfort, ect, as long as you are Sated when you sleep. 

Sorry, I don't know anything about video editing, so.. Sucky vid, but it'll give you an idea of the effects at least!
The spectral wolf in the vid is Styx! <3


For werewolf mods, it is compatible with anything that does not affect the WerewolfFeedRestoreHealth Magic Effect.

Compatible with any werewolf mesh or texture replacers.
Compatible with Moonlight Tales/MT Essentials.
Compatible with Predators - A Werewolf and Vampire Role Playing Tool
Compatible with Bloodmoon Rising! Load BR after WH.
Compatible with Lupine - Werewolf Perk Expansion! Load Lupine after WH. If using the Lupine(Left side) perk tree, also get the patch under optional files! Load the patch after Lupine.
Mostly compatible with Werewolf perk replacements. Load them after WH and they should work fine, you just won't get the perk descriptions for the bonuses, and if the perk mod is only adding new perks instead of modifying the existing ones, you will not get the additional bonuses.

Leave a comment if there's any other mod you're curious about, or if you'd like a compatibility patch and I'll see what I can do~

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