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Adds more horses, saddles, barding, herds, foals, and general horse diversity throughout Skyrim! And a new mesh for Arvak! And some 'special' horses!

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Get the new version here!
You're free to keep using this one if you like, the new one just has more stuff and better compatibility! :)

Isn't it weird having the same cloned horses at each stable?
Why are there no herds of wild horses? Why no baby horses in Skyrim?
Wouldn't it be great if all these lovely saddle mods could be used on more than just my horse?
Yeeaaaah, I thought so too!
Now you can have all that, and some extra stuff too! :D

  • Two wild herds
  • Five foals
  • Twenty+ new saddles including bards
  • Thirty+ new horse skin textures
  • Two new unique horses

  • New skin textures for player horses with attention to Lore
  • New textures for the carriage horse
  • New saddles for player horses with vanilla compatibility
  • New unsaddled horses at stables
  • Unique Frost textures
  • Unique Shadowmere (Choice of Enhanced vanilla or Daedric Armored!)
  • Faction horses (Companions, Bards)
  • Armored horses for war camps
  • Forsworn horses
  • Hunter's horses
  • New mesh for Arvak (He's now an undead warhorse!)
  • A spectral horse
  • A ghost horse


Can I change the name?

  Most of these horses have unique names already but if you don't like them try Jaxonz Renamer

Can I tame them?
 Some horses are free for the taking
 Other horses can be tamed...
If you can catch them
 Some horses are owned by NPCs
 Other horses are ownable by joining a faction or increasing your rank with that faction

How does the ownership work?
 If you take a mare that has a foal, the foal will follow
 If you take the stallion of a herd, the whole herd will follow
 If you don't like this, open console, click the following horses and type disable

I want that horse, but it belongs to someone else?
 Open console, click on the horse, type in setownership

I have the horse, but I want a different saddle?
 Open console, type in help saddle or help barding, pick the one you want from the list. (Use PgUp/PgDn to scroll console window)
 Click on the horse, type in additem xxxxxxxx 1 ( xxxxxxxx being the FormID number of the saddle you picked), then equipitem xxxxxxx

You ruined Arvak!
 There's an optional file to give him and Charon stick legs again. Those poor little legs

Where exactly are the special ones?
 What, you want to ruin the surprise? Go look for them!
 I'll give you some hints. If hints aren't good enough you can click the spoilers

Help! I can't find the Ghost horse, Charon?
 He lives in a graveyard...surprise and where is the largest graveyard in Skyrim? Good luck catching him though, he spooks easily (har har)

I can't find the Spectral horse, Nerida?
 Not surprised tbh - this special horse lives under water! Was probably made by mages a long time ago...



Convenient Horses - Compatible, and highly recommended! It will let you use all the new horses and so much more! :)

Immersive Horses - Partial compatibility. Load Immersive Horses after More Horses and you'll get the added horses at least. Use the patch under optional files and you'll get the changes to vanilla horses too (player horses, vanilla stable horses, saddles/new skins on npc horses, Frost, Shadowmere). However, you can't equip any of the new saddles with the console, and the additional (non-special) horses will not be adoptable.  I made Charon (Ghost horse) and Nerida (Spectral horse) fully compatible, but I don't use Immersive Horses so someone who does will have to let me know how it works out! If I did it right, I'll probably add better compatibility for the rest of it in the future... x.x

Any player horse texture replacers - Mostly! The only exception is the Markarth horse's mane/tail. It's now a brown-red/black tail. Also, if you replace the default mane/tails, it will probably make some of my horses look a little odd since they wont match anymore.

Shadowmere/Frost replacers - Should be! Just overwrite mine when asked.

More compatibility testing coming soon! In the meantime, if there's something you're wondering about, leave a comment!


Thank you to these wonderful authors for their work!
(All used with permission!)
Original horse skin textures from AlienSlof's Slof's Better Horses
Horse foal mesh from Fierymarigold's Foals of Skyrim
Saddles from Laup26's More Saddles
Barding from mystikhybrid's Horse Armors
Additional barding made from from tumbajamba's modders resource optional files, released with his mod Armored SabreCat Mount
Fixed/Enhanced saddles from mitchalek's Convenient Horses

Note: I made a lot of modifications/adjustments to make everything match properly, so what you see in my mod may not look exactly like the originals.

Nyphani kindly granted me permission to upload this backport of the SSE version. Thankyou! 
She also has editing permissions and maybe around to answer your questions.
Go and endorse the original mod HERE
For more details see the sticky in the comments page

Backported by Kojak747
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