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Implements the possibility to cause visual elemental effects on slain enemies and corpses, as well as adding a magic critical hit mechanic to all kinds of elemental magic.
V2 Also allows undead enemies to come back from the dead a few times to fight back, and be a tougher challenge.

Permissions and credits

First of all, I designed this mod is a "spiritual successor" to an already existing mod which I enjoyed very much, which is called Burn Freeze Shock Effects by Pauderek. My mod is not un update, nor does it use anything from the original BFS, it's a completely separate entity, and this makes both mods incompatible, however... If you wish to pay proper credit, you may want to think about downloading the original if you haven't already done so and give it an endorsement.


  • Elemental Effects: Elemental magic causes elemental visual efects on enemies' dead bodies, in example, fire leaves them burnt, ice creates a hoarfrost effect, lighting makes them twitch, but also has varying degrees of burn, different from the fire effect.
  • Critical Hits: Elemental magic on the living, is also capable of causing critical hits, which are noted by a message, a sound and a visual effect. Critical hits cause extra damage based ony the character's level and destruction skill.
  • Overkill: Higher tier magic effect (Expert) spells, will always cause effects on death no matter what, however, they have a chance of applying an "overkill" mechanic, which can turn enemies to ash in the case of fire/lightning magic, or turning them into crystallized blocks of ice in the case of frost magic. It is meant to create the impression that magic of that level is so powerful that the effects it causes are more extreme than regular ones.
  • Cristallization: Specifically, Ice overkill effects, have a chance of crystallizing the oponent. In the vanilla game, some perks added this chance as well in the form of the Ice Form effect,but this mod takes it to the next level, as it also integrates Ice Form type effects into its mechanics, changes the visuals associated to crystallization, gives a small chance to make crítical hits on the living crystallize the enemy, and most important, It allows cristallized actors to break. Meaning, that hitting a crystallized enemy, has a chance to make them explode into pieces. You can turn them to ice, the make them explode by attacking them. (This chance is a lot lower on living enemies to ensure the game stays balanced)
  • Insta-Kill: Citicals also have a very small chance to insta-kill an enemy, or even the player, if the option is active on the MCM.
  • MCM Menu: Yup, my first MCM. From there, one can configure what features of the mod one would like to keep active and which ones not, as well as being able to control the probability calculations for effects to happen.
  • Cooking: Just like the original BFS, if victims of an elemental effects spell have certain types of meat on their inventory, it will get a cooked version of them, given the proper effect, I also included passive support for Harvest Overhaul items.
  • Ash Piles: yeah, I changed a bit the meshes and the glow maps since I noticed on my ENB, they looked too glowey when they shouldn't be. Remove the ash texture files if you dont want that or are using a replacer for ash piles.

Version 2.0:

  • Undead Resurrection: Added a whole new functionality to the mod that allows undead enemies to rise again after dying. This system is also designed to replicate the functions of another previously existing mod, which is Truly Undead. However, I made my own design because that was the way I found to make both features compatible. Technically speaking, I'm using the same controller ability from my mod, to detect races and circumstances of death on undead characters, so that they may rise again. Most of the features of this new setting are entirely configurable through a new page on the MCM Menu.

How to kill undead:
  • The mod is set by default to only raise undead actors 2 more times after the initial fight (also configurable by MCM), this is made to make sure that dungeons are more challenging, but not annoyingly hard, especially for characters who lack the means to properly deal with the undead. Basically, anything that makes sense in various forms of lore in fantasy, should work, IE fire, holy magic, silver, supernatural races, daedric weapons, and also drain life, soul trap and bound weapons. In conjunction with this mod, Critical Kill, and Overkill effects of any element will also work on causing a permanent death. Dawnguard crossbows work on vampires.

What's different from other mods?
  • PERKS: BFS required perks to work properly, but my mod does not. It's purely based on chance and everyone is ruled by the
  • same chances. To create the impression more powerful magic, my mod uses the Overkill mechanic instead. This ensures my mod is 100% compatible with Perk-Altering mods such as SPERG or Ordinator possibly Sky-Re as well (Not tested)
  • BFS works only on dead things, while this mod also works with some changes such as a Critical Hit system which affects the living, and an Overkill system.
  • I have improved the shaders in a way I like them more, still a matter of preference though. See screenshots for reference.
  • BFS did not have support for Harvest Overhaul, which bothered me in the case of skeevers. When playing with stuff like iNeed, it's useful to cook your enemies, and skeevers are a good source of goodies.
  • Breaking crystallized enemies. Hit em and watch em explode.
  • Persistance: On using the original BFS, you probably didn't notice but when leaving a cell after you passed it, and caused effects on everyone, coming back did not guarantee that everyone would still have the effects. In fact it was more likely that everyone would be cured of the shaders, so previously burned enemies would now be fine upon revisit. Well, my mod does something to fix that.
  • Mechanics design: This is more technical stuff, explained on more detail at the bottom (If you're interested), but it's enough to know that this mod was designed thinking of increasing performance and preventing error related to high demand of the script engine, especially with things like cloaks and concentration spells.
  • The bad news: I didn't implement poison or steam effects mechanics effects like BFS had.
  • As of V2.0, this mod also allows undead resurrection. See above for details

But Why?

  • I started investigating the sources of Skyrim "game corruption", meaning that moment when you have too many mods, something goes wrong, like IE all kinds of script events simply stop working, and you try to ask for tech support and someone tells you to post your papyrus log, only to find out its a bigass file, filled with repetitive blocks of something called "stack dumps". This mod was an attempt to increase performance and relase some burden from the script engine by optimizing the mechanics of the mod.
  • Also, as already mentioned above, because perks. I loved the concept of BFS but I play with Ordinator, and I wasn't about to let go of my perks mod just to see BFS work properly. Without perks, BFS works at less than 30% of its full capacity.


Hard Dependencies:
  • SKSE
  • Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLC

Soft Dependencies:
  • Harvest Overhaul - Creatures (Not necessary, If it's present, it'll work)
  • PapyrusUtil (Only If you want to use one of the debug options to see data into the console, It's still a good thing to have in your mod list)


Pretty straightforward, just drop with your mod manager of choice, and play.

Optional - HarvestOverhaulCreatures: only works if you have Harvest Overhaul installed, it's a tweak to make sure the new meats from that mod get properly cooked with the effects.

IF UPGRADING (From V1 to V2): Save your game, and use something like SaveCleaner or Resaver to remove MystElementalApocalypseMCM.pex from the save's script list. The mod works without this step, but the MCM wont be reset as the new one. Alternatively, if you dont much know what you're doing, simply remove the mod entirely, save your game again, use SaveCleaner or Resaver to clean orphan scripts from the save, then load game, wait a few seconds, save again, and now you can reinstall normally.

OUTDATED (Only working for V1) - Optional - OnHit() Event Script: Use this if the spam in your papyrus log is bothering you. This script uses an event that makes less calls per second than OnMagicEffectApply() on the script, but it may be a little slower in processing the effect. Both are interchangeable mid-game. Read the bottom section if interested in knowing more.


Turn the mod off on the MCM menu, save, deactivate the mod, reload, save again, and use something like SaveCleaner to "remove orphan scripts"


  • Perk Mods: Hell yeah
  • Magic Mods: Yup.
  • Custom Magic Mods: Yeah, those too, as a bonus, if ANY magic effect has a skill requirement of 75 and above, AKA "an expert spell", it will allow the overkill mechanics to work. EASTER EGG: Spells with both keywords fire and lightning count as "Arcane" and create similar effects to fire magic, but with blue aesthetics. Note: This mod DOES NOT ADD extra spells, not even for that arcane fire feature, this mod only reacts to destruction magic, and the keywords associated with spells.
  • Original BFS: Dont think so. It's one or the other.
  • Trap Mods: Ehh... No idea. It's possible that they wont work, since I changed a few trap magic effect records from the vanilla game to include elemental keywords in them. Probably fixable with TES5Edit.
  • Mods that affect the Ice Form type effects, same as the previous, some records regarding this have been altered.

  • Q: Will it work with X spell mod?
  • A: it's designed to recognize ALL spells from ANY mod, as long as they are hostile and have the elemental keyword from the vanilla game.
  • Q: Will it break my game for for all this talk about scripts? 
  • A: No it wont. Never on its own at least. I ended up finding out stack dumps happen all the time, and the original BFS mod by Pauderek caused me a lot of those too, it was why I made this on the first place. But in neither of these cases, the dumps generated by these mods are of the fatal kind.
  • Q: How do I make my spells work with this?
  • A: This mod reacts to magic damage keywords, every vanilla spell in the game has them for each element, and if mod designers were smart in creating their custom spells, chances are they remembered to put proper keywords on their spells as well. Everything will work as long as those keywords keep coming attached to spells.
  • Q: How do I unlock blue fire effects?
  • A: You dont. that is a feature I implemented for personal use, and if you wish to make it work, you'll need a custom mod that adds spells that contain both keywords, fire, and lightning magic damage at the same time. Knowing one's way around the Construction Kit, it's one the easiest things in the world of modding.
  • Q: But what about FEC?...
  • A: Added a reply to the FEC question on the comment section. To put it simple, it seems to be mostly about personal aesthetic preferences. Also my mod comes with a couple of other features that make it more different.
  • Q: I dont like this or that feature, spoonfeedme and do it like I want!
  • A: Nope. A mod is a GIFT, from the modder to the community. I made this because I like it. If you find this somehow offends you, feel free to not use it. I am open to suggestions, but I'm not here to satisfy every user's whim, this is about my whims and what I want, in my game.
  • Q: Lol ur mod sucks!
  • A: Trolls will be reported on sight. If you dont like stuff, dont be a d#ck, and move along.


Me, Myst42, since I made this thing obviously.
GenioMaestro, as my script mentor, and heavy helper co-author of this mod, helping me
make sure the scripts worked like clockwork, as well as participating on all the testing stages.

    Pauderek for making the Original BFS mod, whose concept idea preceeded this mod, reminder to go endorse it if you can, since this mod's design is a separate thing, but the concept
    came first from there.

    There is also my Twitter where I post most of my stuff
    And I'm now launching my brand new modding Discord. Feel free to join.

Some Technical Mumbo-Jumbo (Ignore if not interested):

On Stack Dumps:
Suffices to say, that after a lot of testing and experimenting, I've found out that stack dumps on the papyrus log, are a warning that gets generated when a single script gets too many calls per second, and it starts to queue the script calls in order to finish answering all of them. Contrary to popular belief, it is not caused by an excess of "script heavy mods", it is caused by a single event repeated in time, at a faster speed than the script engine can answer. Specifically, things like cloak and concentration spells call the script event OnMagicEffectApply() really really fast, so a single target, subjected to a spell like "Flames" using a script with no proper "filter" to the event, will generate a stack, and it's not an error, it's simply the way the game works. HOWEVER, be warned that queuing up too many scripts does seem to cause "script lag" as the calls get delayed in time, which in turn may lead to script malfunctioning. If you see a papyrus log that generates billions of stack calls from a single mod, repeatedly, during all the time, regardless of concentration spells, and your game performance on the script engine has lag so horrible that stuff simply stops working, it may be a sign of malfunction, which is usually a "stuck" mod making the same call on itself over and over again.
The simplest way to properly detect a corrupted game, is to use something like Save Cleaner or Re-Saver and look at the count of Active Scripts, which in cases of error is usually above 1000 when on a normal save iis no more than 6-200.