Burn Freeze Shock Effects by pauderek
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Added: 08/04/2012 - 06:57PM
Updated: 25/04/2013 - 06:04PM

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Last updated at 18:04, 25 Apr 2013 Uploaded at 18:57, 8 Apr 2012

You will need the Brawl Bugs Patch mod to avoid the Brawl bug.

Note to modders
If you have a custom spell mod and you are using one of the default MagicDamage keywords on your spells (MagicDamageFire, MagicDamageFrost, MagicDamageShock), your mod will be automatically compatible with this mod. If you don't wan't to use the vanilla MagicDamage keywords but you want your spells to play the effects you can use this vanilla unused keywords:
- LinkCustom06 - Fire effects
- Linkcustom07 - Shock effects
- LinkCustom08 - Ice effects

This mod is compatible with any mod that modifies spells and custom spell mods. It does not modify any spell, perk or vanilla assets, it is already compatible with mods that alter spells or perks. So please stop asking me the same question.

As of version 3.4 a MCM menu is included to configure the mod ingame.


  • Apply a flaming effect if you have the Augmented Flames perk
  • Apply a burning skin effect if you have the Augmented Flames(rank 2) perk
  • The meat of the animals is replaced by the cooked version when burned, and their pelts are removed if you have the Augmented Flames(rank 2) perk

  • Apply a frost skin effect if you have the Augmented Frost perk
  • Apply an ice block effect if you have the Augmented Frost(rank 2) perk

  • Apply a sparkle effect if you have the Augmented Shock perk, also will make victims to convulse a few seconds
  • Apply a calcinated skin effect if you have Augmented Shock(rank 2) perk.
  • As in fire spells, the meat of the animals is replaced by the cooked version when burned, and their pelts are removed if you have the Augmented Shock(rank 2) perk

    - Sometimes the effects applied directly to the skin ARE working but they are overriden by other shaders and disappear, if you remove any equipped item on the victim the effects will render again. This tends to happen more often if dual casting.
    - If you remove any equipped item on a burned/freezed victim the membrane shader will disappear until you exit the container menu. This is the way Skyrim handles membrane shaders, nothing I can do about it.
    - If you leave and reenter a cell the shaders will no longer be there, just like blood or magic decals.
    - Sometimes when a npc disintegrates (disintegrate perk) it will just disappear instead of slowly fading away.
    - Scroll spells doesn't seem to apply the effects.

This is the list of races and creatures not affected by the effects, this is intentional:
Dragon, Dwarven, Familiar, Ghost, Atronach(any type), Dragon priest, Skeleton, Icewraith, Wisp, WispShade, Witchlight.
Skeletons are affected by the frost effects, but are not by fire or shock effects
Dwarven are affected by sparks of shock effects, but are not by the calcinated effect and the convulsion animation

- Added Poison and Steam effects
- Better looking skin shaders
- Fixed staves not applying the effects
- Added MCM translations: french, italian and german

- Added Dragonborn support
- Added option to activate/deactivate the mod, from now on it is recommended to use this function before uninstalling the mod.
- Added "burned zombies" option, use it to determine if the effects are removed or not from resurrected npcs. Despite the name it affects frost and shock effects too.
- Added option to choose how enchanted weapons will cause the effects (deactivated, same as spells or random).
- Performance improvement for the scripts.

- Added MCM menu configuration (SKYui required for this)
- Added new configuration options:
* You can now choose the percentage for Rank 2 effects so that they don't always happen if you have the perks
* You can now choose if Pelts & Meats are affected by the effects separately
- Changed the folder of the textures from burnedbody to BFSEffects (If you modified the textures just move them to the new folder)

- Quick update, added compatibility fix for some mods that caused a "swirling effect" around some npc's with this mod installed

- Changed the method used to add scripts to npcs, switched quest aliases to a cloak spell. You'll need the Brawl Bugs Patch mod to avoid the Brawling bug.

v3.2c to v0.1 (initial release) used a different method of applying the effects, so all the fixes and changes from those versions have nothing to do with v3.3 onward.

--Enjoy the mod