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The Automaton Modpack Framework

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It's dangerous to mod alone.

Well, while you most likely won't hurt yourself modding, mistakes are rampant, time is short, and patience runs thin quicker than most will admit. Automaton is a open source modpacking utility developed to automate the creation and installation of modpacks. It does not bundle any assets or re-distribute any mods and is 100% respectful of all modder permissions. Modpack authors are freely available to share their exact installations, while users can easily install and play their favorite modpacks.

I started much like many of you — stuck, annoyed, tired of clicking through hundreds of FOMOD dialogs, downloading each and every mod and triple-checking each to no avail. If you're human, mistakes are common, especially when we take part in repetitive and tricky tasks.

There's a way to avoid this process. Take out the human. Not only automate the installation process of modpacks, but do so in a respectful manner — with consideration of the respect that each author in this amazing community rightfully deserves. This means no bundling of third-party mod assets. Automaton provides links to each download, and also provides an auto-download function for users with Nexus Premium. (Auto-downloading is a Nexus feature, officially supported through the Nexus API.) The following automated installation is not only easy, but efficient — installing Mod Organizer 2 and organizing the modlist without any required user intervention.

Links of interest:
The Automaton release page:
The Automaton Subreddit:
The Automaton Discord:

A notice about bugs. This is a beta still undergoing final testing before its official release. If any features are found to not be functional, please post them in the Automaton Discord and Subreddit with regards to the bug-report submission rules.

If you are a developer and want to make an Automaton modpack, please hop into the Discord so I can start working with you.