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A modest, assets-free improvement mod for Proudspire Manor, the home it was meant to be! 25K-40K Just to buy and upgrade, no long feels like a cell!

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Proudspire Manor is my favorite vanilla Player Home, because, hell-OOO, CASTLE city!
I have looooong wanted to do a proper -- light -- overhaul of it, and finally did.
SSE version here!

Several rooms redone with subtle but immersive changes:
Kitchen, Smithy, Alchemy and Enchanting
All decoration packages, including children's room, are enabled from the start.
Full Bathroom added between the two main floor entrances
- "chamber pot" does not have animation, b/c I don't know how to add the Furniture marker in Nifscope
TONS of new, unique storage!
Lighting is unchanged (beyond fixing them to whole number x,y,z coordinates, cuz I hate decimals!)
Most of the crappy start-up clutter is removed.
All new clutter and containers are locked down as static w/ "no havok" flags, but that's the best I can do.
It's still possible to *ram* them and spill stuff, so you'll just have to try not to.
Agarules commented that you can use Jaxonz Positioner to "lock down" everything in the cell you're in.
Works with "Alternate Start - Start in Proudspire Manor"
You can adopt Blaise (or any other kid) right away.

Blue textures are not part of the mod, it's just something I have installed.
These photos are from the SSE version, where I have several hi-res textures installed.
Navmesh fully adjusted for changes (v1.2+)

Carefully cleaned in SSEEdit, and backported to Oldrim.
Upload your screenies! They make me happy :) Auto-Approval is on!

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