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Add new falmers to the current leveled list, their wear dwarven armor, and shamans have automaton parts adapted to their body.

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Brief description: 
Add 12 variations of armored falmers into leveled list, they appear around lvl 30 and go on.
Their armors are lootable, and they often wear enchanted. 

The falmers inhabit obscure and abandoned places, as well as ruins of the dwarves, in which they have been forced to fight with traps and automatons, during their travels, they have found powerfull weapons and armor of their old executioners, which they use fiercely in battle, the most wise and powerful have even adapted dwarven mechanisms to their outfits.

The discussion about the dwemer armors is extensive and there are many theories both against and in favor, one of the most interesting talks can be consulted here: Why don't the Falmer just use Dwemer armor?

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Create a bashed patch, always usefull.
Should be compatible with any mod. 
aMidianBorn Dwarven Armor 
Ancient Dwemer Metal 

Please report any bug!


V. 2.2
Now the unique falmer in the forgotten vale drop the shoulderless ivory armor. Can be template at any armor workbench. 
Added playable version of vanilla shaman armors in two variants. Male uses SOS body but will work fine with default textures. Female is vanilla body. 
Fixed invisible head bug on some shaman falmers. 
Added a new staff, modified version of falmer totem.