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Work in progress retexture of all the Dwemer metal and stonework.

Permissions and credits
Work in progress retexture of all the Dwemer metal and stonework.

For work in progress textures, follow me on Flickr.

Dwarven Centurion: 100% repainted.
Dwarven Spider: 75% repainted.
Dwarven Sphere: 65% repainted.
Dwarven Ballista: 55% repainted.

Dungeon Metal: 90% repainted (only the rarely seen textures remain).
Clutter: Complete.

Dwemerking pillar, columns, flagstone floor, brickwork all 100% painted.

Armour and Weapons
1% (LUL)
Only a measly quiver and arrows is complete.

See change log for more details.

Cubemap by Käy Vriend
Many thanks to Wolflord13 for kindly letting me use his diffuse textures from 68650 and 70876 as a base to paint on.
Architectural meshes from USLEEP and 70876.
Texture source: Scratches ii by struckdumb on Deviant Art, wood texture from Texturelib.
Testing by Hallodria

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To all those lore-mongers out there; this mod contains NO RUST. Only scratches, dirt and oil stains.
This mod contains original assets only.
This is a Nexus exclusive mod.
Do not re-upload this mod as it is, or in any form without permission.