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- Currently not being maintained -
This is a compatibility patch between "Botox for Skyrim" v1.52 and "The Eyes of Beauty" v.9.0 The patch aligns eyelashes and eyes to the character's face.

Permissions and credits
I'm currently away from Skyrim LE and don't know if I'll be back later.
The patches should still work for Botox for Skyrim version 1.52... unless they don't to which I apologize.

For The Curious: Check the comments from the other users under the "Posts" tab, if there's a lot of comments saying it works, it probably works.
For The Brave: Download and try out the patch and then proceed to the "Posts" tab and let The Curious ones know if the patch worked for you!
For The Curiously Brave: Do what The Curious Ones do, then do what The Brave Ones do? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Check the bottom of the page for updates/news/digressions.

What is this?
This is a small patch for people who use "Botox for Skyrim" and "The Eyes of Beauty" together. This mod re-aligns the beautiful eyes from "TEoB" with the smooth faces from "Botox for Skyrim" to make the eyes and eyelashes on their player character properly aligned with the face. This patch does not add the eye colors from TEoB into generated NPCs.

Why do I need this?
If you are using TEoB's eyes on a character with a Botox for Skyrim face, you might have your eyelashes and eyes misaligned.
This ESP should hopefully fix that.

How did you make this?

I went into TES5Edit and compared the two records between The Eyes of Beauty and Botox for Skyrim. The head parts from TheEyesOfBeauty.esp were using Skyrim's original NIF and TRI files while Botox_CharGen.esp had a new NIF and TRI files. So I created a new patch with a deep copy of TEoB's records into a new file and then I copied the NIF and TRI paths from Botox's records into the override record in my patch.
All in all, it took an hour of time and was just copy pasting text, nothing else. In fact making a mod page on Nexus Mods took longer.
All credit goes to the original (and actual) mod creators.

Thank you Kaspar and LogRaam for two fantastic mods that greatly enhances Skyrim's appearance. This is the first time I have uploaded to Nexus Mods and have no previous experience other than editing and patching TES5Edit records for my own use.
I wanted to share this fix with other people who have the same issue. If either Kaspar (Botox for Skyrim) or LogRaam (The Eyes of Beauty) have any issues with the patch I'll take it down without any questions asked. <3

News & Updates:
:: April 2, 2022: I've been on a Skyrim LE break for a few years. I am sorry to say that it doesn't seem like frequent updates is something I do, as much as I wish it was. As much as I would love to go back and use Botox for Skyrim again, I can't be certain as of now that I will and thus can't promise you anything more.

As of now, consider this patch abandoned...

:: July 27, 2019:
I've been on a Skyrim break for a few months. and I'll most likely be back later this year. I stopped using Botox for Skyrim due to the need for patching all the eye colors in the Eye Mods I had installed. While it would make this page a lot more popular, it would be a lot of work to keep track of all the eye mods and their updates and then release a patch as soon as possible.

I will be posting new compatibility patches on this page if I go back to using Botox for Skyrim again.
Please "Track" this mod page and you'll find out if I've uploaded a new patch via your Tracking Center here on Nexus Mods.

In any case, I plan on explaining what I did to make this patch so that a complete beginner (like I was) can create a patch themselves or start making their own fixes. I'll do this as soon as I can.

The best fix would be if Botox for Skyrim's face meshes were aligned with the regular head meshes. In that case, no fixes would be needed and everything would be aligned properly. But those meshes belong to Botox for Skyrim and I can't do anything about it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Last but not least I want to say thanks to everyone's comments, feedback and suggestions. Reading that my patch(es) worked for someone else around the world is a pretty awesome feeling.
Even though I've been away from Skyrim I've never stopped tinkering with Bethesda's games and I've picked up a lot better ways to fix things. I've had a great experience, and I'm extremely grateful for that. Nexus Mods has a great and generous community that make some games absolutely timeless masterpieces :)

You are all awesome!