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Explore the ever expanding new world of Shumer and discover it's mysteries and secrets.

Permissions and credits
****This mod is under development see Sticky Post for current state and plans ****

Update 23 Jul 19: Version 3.4 -
This update adds another 150 or so custom voices and the odd misc quest. I didn't forget Skyrim and the islands this time so this includes 60 or so new voices for them as well. You will also notice the occasional new building and the Islands have been given a facelift.

Advert: Getting lines voiced is a constant problem and significantly slows progress; if any followers of this mod have a microphone and want to record some small parts let me know.

Update 30 Jan 19: Grass Patches - I have added two optional files which can be used together or separately:

  • ShumerGrassPatch.esp - Reduces the density of grass in Shumer if your having performance issues, must be after ShumerWorld.esm in your load order..
  • Replacement Grasses - Loose files that will replace all grasses with much smaller versions (Recommended - these will be added by default to the next Base world update) - looks better and will also help with performance issues, try these before trying the patch.

Mod Features so far


1. Shumer is the size of about 3 Skyrim holds with over 130  map marked locations (and 40 unmarked ones) and 80 underground locations. Also there are two small islands called Barbella and Althira. It is home to over 1000 npc.

2. A Story and 49  new books covering the Sumerian themed history and the religion plus some fiction/non-fiction stories and 32 journals and letters, which add to the story of the past and things yet to come.

3. A Shumer version of the "Great Jar Hunt" with 27 Ingredient Jars to collect and  4 treasure maps.

4. 100 or so Miscellaneous Quests and 17 side quests in Shumer, the islands and in Skyrim (approx 30hrs of content). Currently 450 NPCs have voiced dialogue to support the quests and narrative of Shumer and add local colour.

5. In Skyrim 4.5 villages, 2 Inns, a boathouse, an Estate, a ruined castle and a pirate base on the northern coast (Pirates of the North).


Visit the Wiki here: Shumer specifically the quest guide here the maps section now has maps of Shumer, Barbella and Althira (drawn by Bowmorelover)

This is a developing mod translating a large D&D campaign of mine into Skyrim. It requires a new world with a  new lore and  I am utilising Breti's New World (Which I call Shumer); It contains new worldspaces  a continent (Shumer) and two islands (Althira and Barbella) . 

How to get to Shumer:

You can go to the Pier at Frostcombe landing (fast travel enabled) on the coast north of Winstad and sail to Shumer and back on the long ship (the activator is on the mast).
Note: If you don't see this map marker then you probably have not got ShumerNWa.esp in your load order. You can also sail to various places on the northern coastline of Skyrim at the ships wheel.

What is needed

This mod requires all three DLCs (Dawnguard, Hearthfires and Dragonborn)

There is a  mainfile ShumerWorld containing the Baseline world master and the resources file:

  • ShumerWorld.bsa 
  • ShumerWorld.esm

There is one Update file containing:

  • ShumerNWa.esp  (Ver 3.4)
  • PiratesNorth.esp  (Ver
  • Various loose files (LOD, voices, scripts etc)  

The ShumerWorld.esm file and the piratesnorth.esp  should be before ShumerNWa.esp in your load order.

There is a monster optional file containing facegen data
(Ver 3.4)


The Skyrim part of this mod specifically does not conflict with Northern Encounters and The Watchtowers Reborn or any of the Mods I know of around the Winstad Area. It also doesn't clash with Holds at the moment.

The following patches are available in the patch file, just dl and pick out the ones that you want:

Salem - Arena Tournament
TPOS Ultimate mod
Sailable Ships
More Bandits
Forts of Skyrim

Great Forest of Whiterun
The Unfinished Business - Dungeon Pack

If you have More Bandits - EtR Patch you don't need mine as it moves those bandits elsewhere.

For Immersive Horses users a poster has mentioned the following:
You'll need to add Shumer (+ island) worldspaces ( 3426:ShumerWorld.esm, 833775 P iratesNorth.esp, 1104455 PiratesNorth.esp ) to the .ini or IHO will despawn all horses in Shumer.


JPCorwyn - Many voices and for acting as master of
ceremonies for a gaggle of voice actors and applying his writing
Tasheni - Writing the common people dialogue and small quests.
BowmoreLover - Testing and debugging



Tyler Will "Shumer-Open Area Music", "Shumer-Woodland Theme", "Shumer Ocean Theme" and "Shumer God of the Sky" written for
TRG Banks under Licence
Philip Weigl under Licence

Voice credits


Use of Other Modders Resources Credited below:

Resources with an asterisk indicate I asked specific permission to use them.