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1. Windhelm 2. Whiterun rubble 3. Solitude stone 4. wheel

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Creation Kit (CK) placement 2019 by FreddyBoy

1) Windhelm
1. Base for more props (pt.1) adds snow/ice option to the rich area of the city only (Windhelm)

part 1

wanted to add more elements but will do so in small parts

I have laid fundation for more preps (snowy motherbase)

some models have 1k or 4k , its totally like vanilla, some others are "more" like 12 k or 20k (usually max around 20k, sketchfab models are 180k)
but the texture is huge if its a scan.. 4k


sculpt 22k

other bla bla bla

- if u like the mod I will expand it further. I welcome fixes and addons from ppl so I add them to credits, I also welcome positive feedback, do notice that I am crazy buisy. 

-sometimes my work gets corrupted (bit errors) or I mispell the directory name or file: if that's the case don't panic just let me know I will reupload working version

- if u want this in SSE try to convert meshes first with converter, strip parallax options 

- I don't change from  default 4k diffuse. Soft requirement is a modern enb like NLA for specularity

2) whiterun rubble
rubble near entrance, ar8, there is optimized version dtx

3) solitude stone
adds a stone in central area solitude

4. wheel object - whiterun