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This script, when applied to an item in xEdit, will automatically detect what enchantment mods you have installed and apply those enchantments to the item. Then the script will automatically integrate these new enchantments into any leveled list that contains the original item. It's as simple as one-click and done!

Permissions and credits
Downloaded a bunch of new weapons from Immersive Weapons, Weapons of the 3rd Era, etc.?  Want to see enchanted versions of the items in game?  This mod will save you an inexplicable amount of time and effort.

Note: This script will work for Oldrim and SE

This mod is an expanded version of the mod found here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/5100?tab=description

Version 0.6 Released! 

Feature List:
- Works on all weapons and armor! 
- Replace the original item with the enchanted version in all leveled lists including mod-added lists
- Summermyst and Wintermyst support (if you'd like to see another enchantment set supported, just make a post!)
- {0.4} Set the % chance to get an enchanted version
- {0.4} Modify enchantment strength
- {0.4} Allow or disallow unenchanting
- {0.4} Expanded Tempering support
- {0.4} Automatic removal of masters for easy load-order changes
- {0.5} Configurable levels for enchanted item tier
- {0.5} BOD2 identification
- {0.5} Batch processing
- {0.6} Configurable Temper Recipes
- {0.6} Script is now a single function (for use by other Mod-Authors)

Processing time:
~60s   - Prep the file and check masters
~60s     - Index time for each type of item being processed
~30s     - Process time per input record

{0.4} Processing 10 weapons would take 5 * 10 = ~50 minutes. 
{0.5} Processing 10 weapons takes 3 min + 1 min + (10records * 0.5 min/record) min = ~9 minutes. 
{0.6} Processing 10 weapons takes 1 min + 1 min + (10records * 0.5 min/record) min = ~7 minutes.
Mileage will vary based on computer specs.

If you have a mod you'd like supported just make a post!

Current enchantments supported:
Wintermyst, Summermyst, Holy EnchantmentsLost Enchantments, and More Interesing Loot.

Currently supported Item Sorting Mods:
Another Item Sorting Mod

Currently supported items:
Any weapon or armor item should be compatible

If you have a feature idea just make a post!

If you find this interesting you should also take a look at Mator's Automation Tools

This is my first mod so I'd love some feedback.  This script now shares very little code with the original mod but I've linked it for due credit.  Let me know if anyone has a problem with this mod.