Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

A comprehensive sorting and display mod. Based on ulcf999's original, Better Sorting Mod. Inventory will now sort in a logical and highly structured, but easy to follow format. Providing a less tedious inventory management experience. Nearly 7k vanilla items renamed. Support for numerous mods, large and small.

Permissions and credits
Another Sorting Mod SSE - 2021
A comprehensive,and near complete nameing overhaul, for many of Skyrims items.
An, Up-to-Date, Sorting and Display Mod

Another Sorting Mod SSE is built on ulcf999s excellent, Another Sorting Mod(2013).
 Most items will now sort logically and
 consistently, thus providing a less tedious experience,
while greatly enhancing inventory management. 

Updated for the latest USSEP 4.2.4+ as well as support for numerous mods.
Includes: Bug fixes. Support for WCAAF framework. Along with other bugs not corrected by USSEP.

Records Managed and Sorted by ASM-SSE 2021
Official count v2021: 9350

ASM-SSE 2021+ *REQUIRES*   Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch (USSEP)


De-leveled Unique Loot. With ASM, you'll no longer be saddled with a watered down versions of unique rewards just because some dev at Bethesda years ago thought leveled rewards for some of the more lengthy quests was a good concept. (it is not).
ASM will reward you with the top tier version every time - hassle free.
Examples: Savos Arens Circlet (aka 'mages circlet'). Or the Nightingale Gear - you get the best.

<Ammunition>  Sorts Arrows and Bolts - by Damage AND type. (Arrow - Xxxx, Bolt - Xxxx)

<Alcohol-Food> Foods and Alcohol are sorted by type and variants> (Mammoth - Raw, Salmon - Cooked etc

<Armor> Sorting for ALL vanilla+DLC armors-robes-clothes-jewelry.
<Dragon Priest Mask Sorting> Dragon Mask - Xxxx
Sub-Sorting by SLOT system-Armor sorts by a 'Head-to-Toe' system. 
An all-new and improved naming system replaces vanillas awkward, and disjointed naming conventions.
Fixes the poor AC of Imperial Heavy. Now ~ to Steel.

<Books> Totally overhauls naming for the majority of books, notes, letters, orders and recipes you can find in world.
(Some Notes are Letters now and vice versa). Former Quest and skill Books optional now integrated into main file. 

<Crafting> All the games craft items have been completely re-organized for ease of use and accounting.
Highly structured and organized, and all grouped together.

Dwemer> Cleans up Bethesda's inconsistent use of the term 'Dwarven', and renames all their artifacts >  'Dwemer'.
There is no evidence in game, or lore that TES 'Dwemer' remotely resembled anything like what we commonly think of as a 'dwarf' culturally, or physically.

<Ingredients> (Mountain Flower -Xxx, Egg - Chicken, Fish - Xxxx

<Keys>  Sorted by: Player Home >  Lands (DLC or mod) Location > Type > Owner.

 <Magic effects text> Overhauls many of the games effects texts to reduce micro-text. 
as well as being more clear and streamlined.

<Miscellaneous> Clutter\Misc items sorting has been greatly improved over vanilla. Many 'misc' items now group together in discreet sub-groups.
Items such as Soul Gems, Stones of Barenziah, Crafting, 'Unique' items, clutter and more.
Misc was one of the most jumbled and disordered categories in the game by far. With ASM, managing your MISC items will be a breeze.

 <Perks>  Fixes the games referring to ranged attacks, as if they were exclusively bows.
This is incorrect. Bows are not the only form of ranged weapon in the game.
Cleans up some other badly worded perk descriptions and replaces them with improved text.
ASM replaces the term 'bow'  and 'Archery 'with, Ranged and Marksman.

<Potions>  Sorted by Class and type (Fortify Illusion II, Restore Health V etc). 
Player-made potions always sort to the top of your inventory.
Poisons and Potions, feature sub-sorting based on function and type. 
Special, unique potions feature specific formatting to improve access and visibility.
Also: ASM features proper pricing and weights. Bottles now scale by weight and no longer all weigh .5 (vanilla.)

<Quest Items> (Q) Many of the games No-drop quest items are tagged and sent to the top of your Category lists.
Quest items will be highly visible in your Inventory.

 <Soul Gems> Numerically sorted and by state: Filled\Empty. ie {Soul Gem} I (petty) {Soul Gem} V (Grand) etc. 

Shouts are tagged similar to spells for the display in Favorites menu

 <Spells-Spell Tomes-Scrolls>  Organized by Schools of Magic. 
Bonus: The two light spells are more useful and longer lasting.
Spells, scrolls, vendor tomes, recipes and staffs all share the same School-of-Magic taging.
Spells tagged for proper ordering in the Favorites menu.

<Weapons> Highly organized. Ammunition-Bows-Crossbows'-Named weapon-Staffs. Common weapons sorted by 1H and 2H.
<Categorization> - ASM also attempts to re-categorize some items ie, some notes are no longer categorized as books, skulls categorized as clutter etc.

Realistic weights. Most weights are based on,  Vanilla, USSEP, and WCAAF and ASMs own edits in some instances. Does not replace WCAAF, but is compatible with it. Pelts are heavy, ore and ingots are heavy, scrolls are light(0.1) etc. Weights are realistic, and immersive.

Other: Some of the games most useful and prominent items are given priority sorting at or near top of the lists.

Examples: Azura's Star , Skeleton Key.

Other fixes+support. 
Includes built in support for many of WCAAFs feature set. 

Miscellaneous Files

ASM Economy Rebalanced

An optional little plug in I made designed to reign in a number of problems with Skyrims broken economy. It basically re scales the leveled(money) rewards for quests.  IoW, the rewards you receive for the various tasks are more realistic. No more getting 1000 septims for running a potion across town! 
It also, BOOSTS the rewards for the underpaying 4 Bounty quests, which are frankly, far too low. 100 gold for risking your life to kill dangerous bandits? 
Bartering perks and speech bonus items have been re-scaled. 

A very simple, lightweight, and no-frills way to help fix the broken economy. Give it a try

Improved Candlelight Mesh. 

Improved the Candlelight Meshes position so it does not float in your eyes. Based on the Mindflux ENB particle fix.


Current Mods supported by ASM-SSE
Many of the support files are now offered in the ESL format.

Support for new mods and updates for current ones do get added from time-to-time, so check back for updates and additions.

Let me know in comments if you think of a mod that could use ASM support.
No promises, but a lot of mods get added as a result of user comments.

Aether Suite 3.9.0+ (off-Nexus)
Alchemy Potions and Food Adjustments
Beyond Skyrim Bruma SE
Book Covers Skyrim SSE
Blue Fire Magic SE
Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul
Caranthir Tower Reborn
Ducks and Swans SE
Elemental Arrows SSE
Elemental Destruction Magic
Elemental Staffs
Enchanting Adjustments and Price-Charge Bug Fix
Extensible Follower Framework
Faction Crossbows SE
Falskarr SSE
FNIS Spells
Follower Toccata
Improved Dragon Priest Masks SE
Immersive Armors\Weapons SSE
 InsanitySorrow Weapons Pack
Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE
Morrowloot Ultimate - SSE
Northgirl Armor UNP
Realistic Needs and Diseases SSE
Skyrim Immersive Creatures SSE
<Skyrim Revamped - Complete Enemy Overhaul>
Skytest - Realistic Animals and Predators
Snow Elf Palace SSE
Ultimate Assortment SSE
UNP Clothing Merchants
 Weapons and Armor Clothing & Clutter Fixes
Wyrmstooth 1.18SSE
XxAwesome_PotionsxX SSE
Vokrii - Minimalistic Perk Overhaul

Perkus Maximus

1.Install with NMM or manually. 
2.Install any compatibility patches required.
3. Play game. Your inventory is now organized. No really.

 LOAD ORDER MATTERS! (and Compatibility) 

Version 2021+

ASM edits over 9k records, the majority of the games items in fact, thus, conflicts are always a possibility with a mod this large.
ASM will "conflict" with mods that alter vanilla potions, crafting materials, spells, clutter(misc), books, armors and so on.
Version 2021 has been changed to an ESM flagged esp. ASM can no longer create conflicts or load order issues.
ASM compatibly files should (Generally!)* go directly below the file they are meant to modify. ASM itself, should be the bottom-most ESM.
ASM replacement ESPs can go anywhere in your load order you wish.

For best results, learn to sort your load order by hand rather than LOOT.  
There is no substitute for understanding how load and mod ordering actually works in Bethesda games.

*Like so many things in moding, this rule may not be universal.

Partial list of specific\general mods types that are made redundant, obsolete, or conflict with ASM-SSE,
where no patch file is provided (not 100% exhaustive) 

Texture Replacer mods (no esp) - no conflict.
Mods that change stats, effects etc, of vanilla items, such as, Dragon Masks, staffs, claws, bows, etc, - conflict.
Better Skill and Quest Books Names - (redundant-conflicts)
Any other 'sorting' mod (redundant-conflicts)
Spell overhauls that use vanilla forms (conflicts)- custom forms\ID's (no conflict-but wont be sorted or named in the ASM style unless updated for ASM)
Book\Scroll overhauls (conflict) Note: ASM supports Book Covers Skyrim via an up-to-date, replacement ESP for that mod. 
Alchemy\cooking overhauls (conflicts)  See optionals.  ASM supports several popular and well-made Alchemy\cooking overhaul mods.
Archery Gameplay Overhaul - Fully compatible. (no conflict.)
Vanilla Magic\Spell\Perk overhauls - Install compatibility file (if available.)

Cutting Room Floor\WaCCF\Complete Crafting Overhaul 
Load Order:
--Weapons and Armor Clothing Clutter Fixes
--Smithing Perks Overhaul

Guard Dialogue Overhaul AND Weapons Armor Clothing Clutter Fixes. (If you use both of these mods)
--Weapons and Armor Clothing Clutter Fixes.esp
--Guard Dialogue Overhaul.esp

Legacy of the Dragonborn - DBM_ASM-SSE and the (many) DBM patches. Depends. 

DBM _Cutting Room Floor

Legacy of the Dragonborn and Alchemy\Food Overhaul mods
--<Your alchemy overhaul mod>
--<Your alchemy overhaul mod_ASM-SSE>

Rustic Clothing - The Child's Grey Tunic is actually Purple. 
Gamwich changed the color, but ASM will list it as a 'Grey' Tunic.
Rustic Soul Gems
- Use the SORTED versions. They are designed specifically for use with sorting mods like ASM.

General Rule: 
If modx, modifies vanilla records, it will (likely) conflict in some manner.
If modx creates its own custom formIDs, then there will no conflict.

In cases of:
Conflicts - Install compatibility file for that mod (if available). Otherwise, any installed mods feature sets will take priority over ASM.
Redundant or obsolete - indicates mod is not needed(remove), its features already present in ASM-SSE

Compatibility files can always be created for any mod in any event. 

ASM-SSE 2021+ uses no scripts, consumes no resources beyond a single standard esp, and cannot 'damage' your save game in any way.
Un-installing ASM mid play, will simply revert all names, and any stat\text changes, back to vanillas barely organized default state.

Merging ASM Compatibility files. 

A number of the compatibility files have been converted to ESL format.

If you happen to run many of the supported mods, the separate files offered here can build up pretty fast in your load order.
Building a combined ASM-SSE compatibility file, or as I would call it, a UNIVERSAL ASM file is recommended.
The resulting merged esp, will need to go fairly low in your load order of course. The best tool for this is Mators Zedit
The only thing you need to consider is, are the various ASM files you are merging modifying the same items? This could be the case.
-Avoid merging ESPs that modify the same items.
-Do not merge ESL files.
-Do not merge REPLACEMENT ESPs. 

There are other ways to create full ASM-compatibility while reducing the need for separate ESPs. Such as:

>Create custom merged ESP with SSEedit by hand. (bit tedious to do it this way if you have lots of files to work on).

>Create a Mator Smash Patch

>You can modify the mod ASM-SSE changes directly, using SSEedit to change its items to the ASM format.
When done, you can simply delete the ASM compatibility file altogether, as the mod itself has now been 'ASMified'.
Not recommended for larger mods like LoTD or Book Covers Skyrim for example, but quite doable for some of the smaller supported mods.