About this mod

A comprehensive sorting and display mod. Based on ulcf999's original, Better Sorting Mod. Items will now sort\display in a logical and consistent manner, providing a less tedious experience while greatly enhancing inventory management and display. Over 4700 records renamed including vanilla Armors. Compatible with USSEP and Survival Mode.

Permissions and credits
Another Sorting Mod 2018-SSE

A comprehensive and Up-to-Date Sorting and Display Mod

Records Managed and Sorted by ASM-2018 SSE, 4726 (v9.6)

Another Sorting Mod 2017 SSE is built from ulcf999s excellent, Another Sorting Mod. Most items will now sort properly
and thus provides a less tedious experience while greatly enhancing inventory management. 
Updated for the latest USSEP 4.1.3+ as well as updated patches for selected mods.

ASM-2017 SSE *REQUIRES*  Skyrim Special Edition - USSEP - Cutting Room Floor
>Survival Mode Compatible<


<Ammunition>  Sorts arrows and bolts (Arrow - Xxxx, Bolt - Xxxx)

Note: Ammo power in ASM(Core) is based on Vanilla values.
For Weapons and Armor Fixes , use  ASM Core and ASM-2017+

Ever thought it was a little unrealistic how you can carry infinite arrows , bolts and spears around Skyrim?
For Ammo immersion, try Weighted Arrows by Joubarbe. Set to .1 weight.

<Armor> Sorting for ALL vanilla+DLC armors-robes-some clothes-jewelry.
An all-new and improved naming system replaces vanillas awkward, and disjointed naming conventions.

<Books>  Totally overhauled naming for the majority of books, notes, letters, orders and recipes you can find in world.
(Some Notes are Letters now and vice versa). Former Quest and skill Books optional now integrated into main file. 

<Crafting>  Ores, Ingots, Gems etc. Ore - Ebony, Ingot - Steel,

<Dragon Priest Mask Sorting>
 Dragon Mask - Xxxx

 Foods are sorted by type> (Mammoth - Raw, Salmon - Steak etc) 

<Ingredients> (Mountain Flower -Xxx, Egg - Chicken, Fish - Xxxx

<Miscellaneous> Clutter\Misc items sorting has been greatly improved over vanilla. Most misc items now group together in your lists.

<Potions>  Sorted by Class, strength (Fortify Illusion II, Restore Health V etc). 
Player-made *potions are always sort to the top of inventory ie *Fortify Stamina 
Poison Potions sorted separately > [Poison] xxxx
Features realistic potion weights. 

 <Soul Gems> Numerically sorted and by state, Full\Empty. ie Soul Gem I (petty) Soul Gem V (Grand) etc. 

 <Spells>  Sorted by Archetype AND Rank - Fire: [ I  ] Bolt , Armor [ V ] Dragonhide 
Bonus: The two light spells got a small tweak...

<Weapons>  ASM offers limited weapons sorting. The most prominent are, Staffs and Crossbows. 

All spells, scrolls,vendor tomes, recipes and staffs descriptions use ASM's common format.

<Categorization> - ASM also attempts to re-categorize some items ie, some notes are no longer categorized as books, skulls categorized as clutter etc.

Realistic weights. Most weights are based on Skyrim.exe and also latest USLEEP changes where applicable. Weights are a combination of Vanilla, USLEEP, Realistic and some derived from CCF. Does NOT replace CCF, but is compatible with it. Pelts are heavy, ore and ingots are heavy, scrolls are light(0.1), potions have scaled weights. Weights are a hybrid of Vanilla, WaFR, C&CF and ASM-2017. 

Current Patches for selected Mods. Support for new or existing mods  may be added, so check back for updates or new additions.

As the supported mods listed below are brought on-line, they will tagged 'SSE'  and links updated. Otherwise,do not use these links to Skyrim (Classic) or install the patches from ASM-2016 until they are updated and re-linked.

Beyond Skyrim Bruma SE
Book Covers Skyrim SSE
Blue Fire Magic SE
Caranthir Tower Reborn
Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul
Dawnguard Explosive bolts visualized
Ducks and Swans SE
Elemental Arrows SSE
Elemental Destruction Magic
Elemental Staffs (Custom Plug-in)
Faction Crossbows SE
Falskaar SSE 
Improved Dragon Priest Masks SE
Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE
Morrowloot Ultimate - SSE
Nock to Tip
Perkus Maximus
Radiant and Unique Potions V2 (Glow)
Realistic Needs and Diseases 1.04 SSE
Skyrim Immersive Creatures SSE

Install with NMM or manually. Install any compatibility patches required.

(and Compatibility) 

ASM edits many records, though many tend to be ones used strictly used by vanilla not often changed by mods,  conflicts are always a possibility with a mod this large. ASM will "conflict" with most overhaul mods that deal with potions, crafting materials, spells, Clutter, books.
Nothing can be done about this, except experiment with your load order, or use a compatibility patch, if available.
There is no specific rule as to where ASM should go in your load order.
However, a general rule is that is should be in the bottom quartile (25%) of your load order.
Fine tune as needed.

For best results, learn to sort your load order by hand rather than LOOT.  
There is no substitute for understanding how load and mod ordering actually works in Bethesda games, unfortunately.

Partial List of specific\general mods types that are made redundant, obsolete, or conflict with ASM-2017 SSE,
where no patch file is provided (not 100% exhaustive) 

Better Skill and Quest Books Names (redundant-conflicts)
Anything with 'ASM' in it, ASM knockoffs, etc.(redundant-conflicts-obsolete)
Any other 'sorting' type' mod(conflict-redundant-likely obsolete)
 Spell overhauls that use vanilla forms(conflicts) - custom forms\ID's (no conflict)
Book\Scroll overhauls (conflict) 
Alchemy\cooking overhauls (conflicts) 

Rustic Clothing - The Child's tunics (Grey), is actually  Purple. 
Gamwich changed the color, but ASM will list it as a 'Grey' Tunic (vanilla).

In cases of:
conflicts - adjust load order accordingly to have desired mod 'win' conflict. Or install patch if available 
redundant or obsolete - indicates mod is not needed(remove), features already present in ASM-2017 SSE

ASM-2017 SSE uses no scripts, consumes no resources, and cannot damage your save game.


Q: How does ASM-2017 coverage compare to the original ASM? 
A: Aside from a enormous amount of updating and format overhauls to the original mod, ASM-2017 sorts more records. Over 3x more records than ASM-2013. 4700+ (v9.6) vs 1512 (v1.5.1.3).
While ASM-2017 core framework is derived from the original ASM, ASM-2017 is its own, standalone mod, with new ESPs and totally rebuilt patches.

Q: Does ASM-2017 only change names?
A: No, despite its name, ASM-2017 covers more than just names. Weight and Base Costs have also been modified in some instances. This is reflected in its broad compatibility with CCoR, WaFR, C&CF. Other edits are done to correct inconsistencies in records USLEEP has not, or won't fix, ie potion pricing errors, or books with incorrect attributes. Some weights have been adjusted to be more realistic on certain items. Scrolls are now weigh .1, rather than vanillas .5. The majority of records are straight vanilla renames, but many items have had values adjusted for realism, gameplay, and immersion where appropriate.

Q: Can I  merge your optional compatible files for my load order?
A: Of course, If you are running multiple mods that support ASM, and you are comfortable working with TeSEdit,
creating a custom, single, merged ASM patch is highly recommended. Most ASM support files will merge with each other  so long as they don't manage the same items.

Q: Is ammo strength changed in ASM-2017?
A: No, ASM-2017 uses vanilla\USLEEP values. ASM 2017 Plus file applies WaFR changes.

Q: What is {P} that appears on some items for?
A: Items tagged with a {P} indicate permanent\persistent items. They will remain in the world no matter what, unless sold to a vendor.
 Any items known to posses this hidden permanency flag have been tagged.

Q: Most items are sorted, but I find the odd one(s) that are not. Is ASM broken?
A: No, you have a conflicting mod (or bash patch is not up-to-date), or a load order issue, that is overwriting the entries in question. 
If you use and ASM supported mod, be sure to install the compatibility file for it.
See Load order matters!

Q: Any plans for a weightless, or reduced weight version?
A: No. ASM-2017 is a singular solution with a heavy emphasis on realism and immersion. 
This is why it has been made compatible with Clothing and Clutter fixes. Making  heavy and bulky items, ie ingots, pelts, Dwemer scrap etc, weigh little or nothing in world is not a goal of ASM-2017.

Q: Can I  merge your optional compatible files for my load order?
A: Yes, If you run many of the supported mods I highly recommend merging as many as you can. In most cases, merging optionals into one file should work w/o any issues.
Some of the compatibility files are REPLACEMENT ESP's and wont increase  your ESP count.

Q: Want to submit a compatibility file for ASM-2017 or request support for a certain mod?
A: User created patches are welcome and appreciated. But, with the following provisions.
-All submitted patches get reviewed, and may only be hosted here.
-No patches for customized load orders, redundant, obsolete mods etc.
Let me know in comments about a mod that could use ASM support. No promises, but you never know!

ASM-2017 also addresses and number of potion pricing and weight issues  present in vanilla, that neither USSEP or say, WaFR fully address. Such as: See below.
Numerous errors like the one below e ist in vanilla.

Example Restore health   
Rank I - 17
Rank II - 73
Rank III - 57
Rank IV -79
Rank V - 123
Rank VI -251 

ASM (corrected)
Rank I - 34
Rank II - 73
Rank III - 114
Rank IV - 130
Rank V - 180
Rank VI - 251

With ASMs corrections, a restore V still heals 6x as much, but only costs 5.2x a rank I.

Another Example. Ruined books weights make no sense, at all. Neither USLEEP or CCF addresses this properly
Vanilla says a ruined, tattered and burnt book all weigh 2.0 which is 2x all other books in game. But it gets worse.
A burnt book, according to Bethesda games, gains weight when its burnt.(not it would not!)  ASM corrects the weight of all 3 ruined books so they scale properly to their descriptions. The tattered book has some monetary value now, (its just tattered not completely ruined).

For yet another example. Bethesda thinks Gold and Silver have the same weight and mass per unit(ingot), as iron or steel!  An absurd proposition as steel is only 40% the relative density of gold, yet an ingot of gold and steel both weigh exactly the same, (1.0). ASM v6.0 overhauls CCF WaFR CCO weights and the ingots now scale according to real world relative densities (where possible), using Gold as the reference point for all others.

Like my Renaming work? I've done Renaming work for the following mods,
Jedi Sith Light Armor
Battlemage Armour (Female) by Elianora -alt esp
Check out these fine mods and thanks to both them for featuring my work.

Recommended Mods (WIP)
Rustic Clothing 

Lucidity Sound FX - (Amazing Sound Remasters)