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  • Happy ANNIVERSARY to WARZONES 2015! And Happy Holiday!

    Yes, this may be a tad self-serving, but we really do want to thank everyone who helped us revitalize WARZONES 2015 this past year... we are all quite sure that without the help of the NEXUS users, we'd never have been able to complete the total overhaul of WARZONES with the level of success we've managed.

    So... to be a little cheesy: We are thankful for the NEXUS and the NEXUS COMMUNITY!

    Thanks to all and have a safe and happy holiday!

    - David (MyGoodEye)...


    Announcing a MASSIVE ADD-ON for WARZONES 2015.2.  Coming very soon!
    I've just finished setting up the documentation page which will give you a rather good overview of the whole thing.  I anticipate release quite shortly as the BETA tests have been very favorable. Click here.

    Anyone who'd like EARLY ACCESS need only PM me for a link to my private server....

  • WARZONES 2015.2 : Free For All

    Here's our statement about Paid Modding:

    ... And, on the Second Day of Paid Modding, we say : Let There Be WAR.

    WARZONES 2015.2
    The largest, most comprehensive combat and random-encounter mod updates today!

    The complete ONLINE DOCUMENTATION can be found here. I encourage you to read it.
    WARZONES is a big mod with many options and can be impacted by many things, so by saying "encourage", I guess I'm being polite - because I really mean "insist".
    At minimum, please follow our handy-dandy INSTALLATION CHECKLIST:
    INSTALLATION CHECKLIST : Do Everything Right

  • WARZONES 2015 : Accepting Requests for 2015.2

    As you may or may not be aware, we've completely rebuilt WARZONES, attended to all the issues from the old version, updated using the latest tools and game-versions and released it only here on the Nexus!  

    We've been live a little over 2 weeks and have, thus far, gotten no reports of errors directly related to WZ... sigh of relief, for sure.

    We're on the cusp of releasing WARZONES 2015.2 which will include updates to the BaseFile necessary for implementation of the Armory Options that many of you asked for (look for those to be released at the same time).

    Also included will be a new feature known as RANDOM RAIDS that came to us by request!  Yep, nobody is safe at night in Skyrim.

    Before we release 2015.2 we figured ...

  • WARZONES 2015 : Released

    Yes, I know this may be shameless self-promotion, but we're quite proud of WZ15 and want to spread the word:

    WARZONES 2015 has been completely rewritten from the ground up using the latest tools (many of which were not available the first time around).

    I’ve added a TON of stuff to the latest version… not the least of which is a team of talented modders to help refine, repair and create the finest mod we can.

    Round of applause for Grand Bulwark, Deapri and Tony971!

    Give a look at the biggest addition to WZ15 : The WARZONES ARMORY. It adds 100s of Weapons and Armor to WARZONES NPCs.  As well as allowing you to craft them!

    A huge overhaul of the RANDOM ENCOUNTER system now includes DAY/NIGH...