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She’s supposed to be our ally – why does she keep blasting our other followers with frost spells? This mod should stop friendly fire.

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Updated on November 30, 2019:  added patch for Kaidan 2 by request.

Just a small note so there is no disappointment.  After using this mod myself for a year, everything still works, 99% of the time.  There are still rare instances where someone has had enough of Serana's Area of Effect spells and turns hostile on her, but it's only about 1% of what I had before making these patches.  I still recommend Relationship Dialogue Overhaul for the "stop combat" feature.

Updated on December 11, 2018: 
Added patch for Lucien!  If you downloaded v1 of the Lucien patch please download 1.0.1

She's my favorite vampire, and yours.  We know her, we love her, the one and only Serana.  Yet she always seems to blast her own allies with frost spells in the middle of a fight, which causes them to turn around and attack her after the initial enemies are dead.  This mod works to prevent that.

I simply created a new "Serana Frinds Faction" and added Serana and the various followers to it, and set a combat "friend" relationship with the DLC1Serana faction, which Serana is a member of.  I then gave Serana the DLC2BlackBookCompanionInsight perk (which is why the mod requires Dragonborn).

The followers I've created patches for so far are all custom voiced and all but one of them have their own follower framework.  Followers using the vanilla framework may not need patches like this if you're already using EFF or some other follower management mod.  I personally use EFF, which lets you set the number of friendly hits that your managed followers will ignore, but others like IAFT probably have similar functionality.

These are just small esp files, there are no archives, no loose files, and most importantly, no scripts.  Just pick the patches for the followers you are using, install them, and ignore the rest.

I know there are other mods that try to do something similar, but use completely different methods, like scripts, or changing her spell list, or other tricks.  My goal with this was something very small and lightweight that should have the widest compatibility.

Note:  if you enter command mode where you tell Serana "I need you to do something" and then tell her to attack a follower, it's no longer friendly fire and the two will start to battle it out.

Sofia - by DJJohnJarvis and Christine Slagman - my favorite go-to follower, the bawdy yet socially awkward misfit
Inigo - by SmartBlueCat - former skooma addict and his trusty pet dragonfly
Auri (Song of the Green) - by Merrigan/Waribiki, witty, offbeat, and a walking, talking Bosmer history lesson

Added 12/07/2018:

Recorder - by PotasticPanda - don't mess with her files, or her sweetrolls
Arissa - by Chesko and Nikkita - don't ask her where those gifts she gives you come from
Vilja in Skyrim - by Emma, Amgepo and Lycanthrops - the OG of custom voiced follower mods

Added 12/11/2018:

Lucien - by Treacleman - imperial scholar who's totally not flirting with you

Added 11/30/2019

Kaidan 2- Liv Templeton

1 - Like with any mod, have a good save point before installing.  Then just install with the mod manager of your choice, or drag the esp file into your data file.

2 - If you're using multiple patches from this mod, then you may merge them to save on esp slots.  I personally use Merge Plugins by Mator the Eternal and have had no problems with it.

3 - Load order matters.  Load my mod after the follower file, but before any appearance altering mods.  For example:

Serana NFF - Sofia
Sofia Customizer Redux
Deductress Serana

4 - Make or update your merged patch.  If you've never done this, you should.  There are some good tutorials on Youtube to show you how to do this.  The last one I looked at was by Gamer Poets.

5 - Finally, if you use the mod and it works for you, please think about coming back here and endorsing it.

Because the changes made are so small, it should be compatible with just about everything.

Serana Dialogue Edit
Relationship Dialogue Overhaul- has a "stop combat" feature that I was using before making this mod

Inspired in part by the mod "Friendlier Guards for the Underground Bathhouse" by Alpine YJ, after I had a look inside to see how they did it.  Also thanks to user pgil001 for the suggestion about the Black Book perk.

Right now no permissions are given, I want to give people a chance to stress test the mod first to make sure no one finds any kinks in it.  As I don't have Skyrim SE installed, I won't be porting this over anytime soon.