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Makes spell tomes rarer. Most notable effect on shop inventories, though also effects loot. Compatible with Apocalypse spell package. Designed for but doesn't require Spell Research.

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Edits levelled lists and merchant containers to reduce the rate of spell tomes appearing by setting "Chance None" globals and flags. Doing this overwrote the vanilla behaviour of locking adept and expert teir spells behind a skill level gate, which is okay since that annoyed me anyway. 

I made this mod with Spell Research in mind - it doesn't require it though, and can be used perfectly fine without it. I wasn't fond of how easy spells were to get but at the same time, getting rid of them *all* was at the other end of annoying. 

Spells of each teir now have a certain chance (per tome) of appearing, which can be edited with globals - as of V3.0 these globals have been split into "loot" and "shop" versions of each, allowing one to config loot and merchant rarity seperately.

Novice: 70% - shop global is 0SpellTomeNoneShop, loot global is 0SpellTomeNoneLoot, both default to 30
Apprentice: 50% - shop global is 25SpellTomeNoneShop, loot global is 25SpellTomeNoneLoot, both default to 50
Adept: 30% - shop global is 50SpellTomeNoneShop, loot global is 50SpellTomeNoneLoot, both default to 70
Expert: 10% - shop global is 75SpellTomeNoneShop, loot global is 75SpellTomeNoneLoot, both default to 90

Changing these globals to a different number with increase or decrease rarity, but won't effect merchants until they restock their inventory. 

This doesn't touch master-teir spells for two reasons: 1) fiddling with the variables and quest stuff is asking for trouble and 2) they only appeared in single instances anyway - seemed rare enough to me. 

This works with Apocalypse with only a minor patch (which is actually a patch for USLEEP and not this mod), and should work with any other spell mod that adds in their spells to levelled lists through scripts (tested to work with Mysticism - The Lost Art and Frostfall). 

And as an extra, this mod also edits court wizard merchant chests to prevent them from only having a single tome for sale, as well as The Riverwood Traders inventory chest to remove the starting spell tomes from it.