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This is a small tip for people who want more FPS, smoother gameplay. Try it!

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First, excuse my English. This is not my native language. 

==============  Introduction  ==============

This is a small but effective tweak to include in the Skyrim configuration file.
These lines is apparently already in the file itself, but hidden.

These changes are primarily intended for users who have a low or mid-level computer.
FPS gain is also much more important in interior locations, especially where there are light sources.
Look at the screenshots for an overall idea.

ENB users, try, it seems to be useful. But continue reading, please.
I don't know how much the FPS gain will be on a powerful computer because I do not have one.
You can see my specs at the bottom of the page. 

========== So what it does, exactly ==========

In fact, these changes will reduce the distance of the "lod" on the specularity effects of the game,
as the shine and refraction effect on objects. 

Look at the latest screenshots I took. You will clearly see the differences.
Personally, considering the visual and performance aspect, I like more the ones with the tweak.
Without the tweak, I feel like the objects are wet. It's up to you.

However, it's important that you know that this tweak will not break your game in any ways.
If you do not like the result, it's easy to remove the changes, either by removing the added lines or
simply using your previously saved configuration files.

====  I read the description and I want to try it  ====
First of all, make a backup of your current configuration files (Skyrim.ini  and SkyrimPref.ini )

After you made that, it's simple : Copy the following lines and paste them somewhere into your Skyrim.ini
usually located here : (C:\Users\''Your name''\Documents\My Games\Skyrim)


Now, be amazed !

Thats all folks !  I hope this little tweak will be useful !

Give me your feedback about the tweak in the posts section

Endorse if you like

Here's my specs :

Windows 8.1 Professional
Install on SSD
Intel Core i5 450M 2.4 GHz
8 GB System RAM
NVIDIA Geforce GT 330M