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XamMaximus will put all your and Dovahkiin skills and abilities to the test. Can you overcame the horrors and discover what lies in the depths of this lost tomb. ENGLISH - ESPAÑOL - FRANÇAIS - 中文 - 日本語 - РУССКИЙ

Permissions and credits

XamMaximus ACT I is a simple mod that was created using only Skyrim assets.

ACT I was created to help me remember all things modding related with the Creation Engine,
(I have been busy with other things for the past 2+ years),
It was actually an exercise that resulted on a mod with 0% issues, glitches
or bugs that serves as an introduction to the XamMaximus main story.

No external files whatsoever were used and around 800 hours were needed to be complete,
so don't let the file size fool you, this is a big and challenging dungeon that will force you to
use your wits, develop a strategy and overcome the obstacles that you will find in your way.
What lies in the depth is hidden and well protected !




Enter the lost tomb located west of Solitude and read the journal next to Valmir's dead body just by the entrance.

Explore - Search - Solve - Destroy
You will find yourself ambush, cornered and out number... so bring your best followers to give you a hand !. There is a lot of fighting ahead !. This won't be a walk in the park !.

- After a certain point you will need to have unlocked the Whirlwind Sprint shout in order to procced.
- Dungeons will have different lighting according the day time you enter, so if you don't mind pitch black dungeons i would recommend that you enter in the morning, still places that don't have light sources will be dark.
- In some rooms it might be difficult for your companions to follow, but don't worry they will be able to catch up with you before exiting the cell.
- In some cells you will have to clear and open the way for your companions so that they will be able to follow you.
- Some cells do provide the option for stealth players to sneak in without confrontation, but it won't be easy and you will have to do it without companions.
- Bridge puzzle might have a secondary solution but only one will allow your companions to procced.
- There are no collision layers, so watch were you put your feet !.
- Don't expect bosses to be at the end of the cell.
  Don't expect cells to have only one boss.
  Don't expect all cells to have bosses.
- If you have trouble completing a level be sure to check out the PDFs available on the Optional file's section.

Enemy levels included bosses will start from 5 and reach 65, except Super Bosses and Hyper Bosses, they will start from level 90 and reach level 250.

- Low level players can have a fair confrontation with Super Bosses if they have strong companions and if the player uses the advantage points given by the dungeon itself.  So plan your strategy and think before you act.
- Low level players can confront Hyper Bosses if they meet the requirements explained above. And if you manage to find and retrieve a special weapon... but it won't be easy !. So before exiting the cells don't leave any rooms unexplored, it dosen't have a quest or a quest marker and it's locked tied for a reason. 

Don't use cheats like TCL or God mode.
- God mode will cause undesirable NPC behavior.
- TCL will deactivate activators.
- TCL will interfere with the Patrol AI package of NPCs making them to get stuck and unresponsive (patrols are set for a reason and they might make your life much more easier)
- If using TCL you get out of the 'Optimization' borders you will find yourself in the void. Forcing you to load a previous save.
You been warned....

Re-uploading this file to any other websites is strictly prohibited.

- Low end PCs, although the mod it's fully optimized, might encounter FPS drop in some rooms over certain angles. (three to be precise).
Any PC around and under 2.55 GHz dual core, with under 700 MHz GPU Engine Clock with less than 100 cuda cores and less than 1Gb VRam DDR3.


- The last Skyrim Update
- DLC Dawnguard

I strongly recommend, although is not quest script heavy it's has a lot of TRIGGERS attached to actors that run on SCRIPTS, to install it in a "clean save" and after entering the tomb and before starting the quest (reading the journal) make a NEW SAVE and LOAD that SAVE, to ensure that everything will run as intended and that you will have a nice gaming experience. (And to avoid some stupid Skyrim game related bugs).

Use your favorite manager.

Extract the ESP to your Skyrim data folder.

Use your favorite manager.

Delete ESP from your Skyrim data folder.

- Use LOOT.
- If you don't use LOOT this mod should load before any mod that adds - change NPCs and creatures like draugr, ghosts, spiders etc...
Or put it way up in your load order.

This mod has been heavily tested as a whole and through all its development in two heavily modded pcs with different mods configurations without any problems, but... with so many Skyrim mods out there you never know.

Bethesda for creating Skyrim and all the modders that despite after all of this years of Skyrim release they have manage to keep this game so interesting.