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BHUNP - CBBE - UUNP bodyslide conversion of Rusey's mod More Triss Armor Recolours UNP and Vanilla

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Hi everyone!
This is a CBBE - UUNP BodySlide conversion of Rusey's mod More Triss Armor Recolours UNP and Vanilla. I also added a 1st person fix for version 1.3 included in the conversion as well as an optional file for thous that still want to keep the original armor shape. Huge thank you goes out to Rusey for allowing me to publish this. Make sure to endorse her beautiful mod!

More Triss Armor Recolours UNP and Vanilla
XPMSE Skeleton (only for HDT)
BodySlide and Outfit Studio
CBBE (For CBBE Users)

How to Install:
Download with NMM or MO of your choice (both compatible) and let the installer handle the rest. Click "yes" to overwrite when prompt or you will have missing 1st person mesh gloves and sadness :(
Or you can manually install by unpacking to your Skyrim directory folder. Just make sure you grab everything and overwrite when prompt.

There are two flavors to choose from for each body type:

Relic Hunter CBBE
Relic Hunter CBBE (Physics)

Relic Hunter UUNP
Relic Hunter UUNP (Physics)

Relic Hunter BHUNP

Food for Thought:
What the French, Toast?! I installed your file and I don't see it in BodySlide!
This is a pretty common glitch for BodySlide. This can occur if you have numerous amount of conversions (like I do), manually installed rather than used any NMM or MO, or the software launched incorrectly. Here are some tips that have helped me:
1. Exit out of BodySlide completely
2. Boot up BodySlide once more
3. Look over to the Right side of the software and click on the "magnify glass" icon next to outfit filter. Click on it and options will scroll down. Click on "Refresh Outfits".
4. Once BodySlide has refreshed, click over to the other "magnify glass" next to group filter. Click on this and another set of options will scroll down. Click on "Refresh Groups".
5. After it has refreshed, look into group filters and look for Relic Hunter Armor HDT and Relic Hunter Non HDT.

This looks cool, but I'm not a fan of HDT. The jiggling creeps me out.
No worries! All of my conversions have an Non HDT variant so you can have your body shape and still have some good looking armor.

I'm only using you for your 1st person meshes. I don't need this mumbo gumbo CBBE UUNP stuff.
That's cool. Just grab the optional file below and install it through NMM, MO, or manually. Click yes to overwrite.

All credit goes to Rusey for her original mod
CD Project for allowing Skyrim fans to import their stuff into another game (
• Fraper  for converting the armor into Skyrim
• exeter for the original UNP meshes (the foundation of this conversion)
• Rafuel for the decorative pouches on the armor
• Oaristys & Tony67  for the bundle mesh ground object
• Oaristys for creating the headbands by using resources from Kafeid and zzjay. Along with gems from Saerileth
• Pfuscher for the amazing environment map as well as the improved armor normal maps.
Caliente and Ousnius for BodySlide and Outfit Studio