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An add-on for the mod Shadow of Morrowind including navmesh, creatures, weathers, ground textures, landscape additions, and LOD. Updated 7/30 added missing assets for DynDOLOD

Permissions and credits
Shadow of Morrowind Overhaul

by mobiusbelmont
General Information:

- This mod adds navmesh, some new locations, creatures, more diverse weathers, new landscape textures, more trees and mountains, and object LOD to the mod Shadow of Morrowind

- It does NOT add NPCs, quests, or new interiors 

- Shadow of Morrowind and all DLCs are required

- ALL DLCs for Skryim required
- Install Shadow of Morrowind main mod, update, and map fix.  Then install this mod and overwrite when asked
- If updating from version 1.0, uninstall previous version with mod manager (manually, just install the update and overwrite when asked)
- DynDOLOD and TES5LODGen users make sure to grab the updated billboards AND the additional assets in the optional files section.   When installing the optional assets for LOD generation, overwrite when asked (sorry for some of the duplicate files) 

Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more updates on this mod (and other mods I'm working on) and also playthourgh vids

Recommended Mods:
Red Mountain Erupts will make the smoke/ash plume look really good (this is not needed if you use DynDOLOD and the DLC Vvardenfell Plume option)
Nyhus and The Border of Cyrodiil will add some boat travel options to Morrowind (future plans include a border crossing from southern Morrowind to Pryai Village)
DynDOLOD for the best LOD possible (make sure to grab the billboards and LOD assets from the optional files section, you need both!)

note: This mod is compatible with other landscape overhauls if they contain billboards, and if you use either DynDOLOD or TES5LODGen to regenerate the distant tree LOD

Check out my video series detailing some of the edits i've made to this worldspace

version 1.0 : initial release
version 1.1: 
all LOD objects consolidated into one file
all textures consolidated into one file
fixed some landscape issues and floating objects
added LODSettings file to replace the one from SoM
added over 100 billboards for trees, mushrooms, and flora
update 1.1:
added missing assets LOD generation

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SoM Team for Shadow of Morrowind
Mihail Mods for additional creatures 
Hoddminir Flowers and Landscapes
GKB trees
3AM trees
More Colorful Trees
The region editor tutorial by Hoddminir was extremely helpful in making this mod
billboards created by yours truly using Zilav's Billboard generator
landscape, object and tree LOD for Morrowind was created with xEditLODGen Beta7 by Sheson
Additional Object LOD created by yours truly