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  1. DarkKRaziel
    • member
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    I just love Become Ethereal. My main shout for everything. But I realised that 2nd and 3rd word are useless. Extended duration but extended cooldown. The active-waiting ratio is roughly the same (a bit better) in 3 levels, but with the bad part that in fights, it`s better word 1, so you get the right time to avoid an attack or close the gap, then combat, and you can shout again soon. You gain nothing from words 2 and 3. So... this is a very nice adjustment! Maybe not for combat or... well. It can be for combat. To get an sneaky style in the middle of a fight. My character was not sneaky but... who knows the possibilities!
  2. BullBars1
    • premium
    • 506 posts
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    I get 180 seconds with the spell. I would like to see this work as an Area of Affect Spell so followers would be included.
  3. Beefcakemegaman
    • member
    • 130 posts
    • 1 kudos
    Cool, Thanks!