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Makes you really become ethereal. Second word gives muffle, Third word gives invisibility

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This is my first mod, so have mercy on me. I made it using xEdit only since my laptop screen is not fit for CK.

This mod attach vanilla muffle and invisibility effect on Become Ethereal shout.

> First Word
No changes

> Second Word
Added 13 seconds muffle (same as the duration as the invincibility)
Cooldown increased from 30 > 45

> Third Word
Added 18 seconds invisibility (same as the duration as the invincibility)
Muffle effect duration also buffed to 18 seconds
Cooldown increased from 40 > 60

Known Issues:
Muffle doesn't break when doing action (pretty much like vanilla counterpart).

Safe to plug/unplug esp from your load order at anytime

  • Appears to work well with Thunderchild (Champion of Kyne) shout buff.
  • May not compatible with anything that changes Become Ethereal second and third word of shout.
  • If there's any mod that affect vanilla invisibility and muffle effect, it may also affect the effect attached to the shout.

I'm not sure if extended cooldown is necessary to balance out the additional effects.
Using it together with Thunderchild, any source of shout buffs and any source of shout cooldown cut like Ziil Los Di Du, it may possible that the effect last longer than the shout cooldown itself (reason why I made cooldown even longer). Reshouting while the effect still intact won't refresh the effect duration.