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Adds a new shield based on a shield from Dark Souls 3

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By FunkyGandalfCat

Note: All assets of this mods were created from scratch by me, nothing was converted from other games.

"Some have heard about the Aetherium, a rare crystal found deep in the foundations of stone, its very magic emanates from the crystal itself, a mysterious source of powerful magic. A long time ago, when Eldergleam was still young, it had a sister, an ancient tree, which its roots grew very deep in the ground, entwining the hidden veins of Aetherium, absorbing the magic of the crystal. The ill would make long journeys just to touch the tree and take little pieces of its bark, for the magic contained in it cured any type of wound or disease.

But it was just a matter of time before the tree was destroyed, the greedy would chop big pieces of bark, some would even bring carriages.
One day, the tree could not hold the mistreat any longer, and perished.
In time, what was left of the tree was soon cut down by those same people who destroyed it.

The only thing left of the tree, was a wide piece of bark, which was probably forgot while the tree was being cut down.
An unkown traveler took it, and shaped it in the form of kiteshield, and carved the symbol of the fallen tree in its memory.
The shield was passed through his generations as a heritage, till it was lost to the ages.

The Ethereal Oak Shield is a herald and memory of what was once a symbol of pureness, and heals those who wield it with respect."

The Ethereal Oak Shield is based on the Ethereal Oak Shield from Dark Souls 3.

The weapon features a Dark Souls like upgrading style. See the materials below

Note: This weapon can't be tempered, all upgrading is made on Anvils and Blacksmith Forges.

Upgrade to +1 consumes: 1 Ethereal Oak Shield3 Silver Ingots and 1 Petty Soul Gem(filled)

Upgrade to +2 consumes: 1 Ethereal Oak Shield +15 Silver Ingots and 1 Lesser Soul Gem(Filled)

Upgrade to +3 consumes: 1 Ethereal Oak Shield +23 Quicksilver Ingot and 1 Common Soul Gem (Filled)

Upgrade to +4 consumes: 1 Ethereal Oak Shield +35 Quicksilver Ingot and 1 Greater Soul Gem(Filled)

Upgrade to +5 consumes: 1 Ethereal Oak Shield +41 Centurion Dynamo Core and 1 Grand Soul Gem (Filled) 

The Shield is enchanted with Fortify Health Regen, each upgrade increases the power of the enchantment:

Ethereal Oak Shield +0: 15% regen
Ethereal Oak Shield +1: 20% regen
Ethereal Oak Shield +2: 25% regen
Ethereal Oak Shield +3: 30% regen
Ethereal Oak Shield +4: 40% regen
Ethereal Oak Shield +5: 50% regen

The shield can be found inside the cave of Sleeping Tree Camp just up a high rock being guarded by the giant, along with giant clubs.

Take a look:

Inside the cave:

For manual Installation:

Unpack the files, grab the "data" folder and throw inside your Skyrim folder

For automatic installation:

Just use a installer of your choice :)

Maya 2016
Photoshop CC
Creation Kit

Humus: for his cubemap base "coittower"
Billyro: for properly converting humus cubemaps for skyrim
Dark1Nova: For amazing pics
LoneNorseman: for his awesome pics
ButtonSmasher: For the DSR Patch