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Hello, my name is Victor, I like to do 3D Stuff.
I am more focused on creating Dark Souls content, but also from other games that are from my personal interest.

All my mods are 100% made by me, nothing is ported from other games.


If you curious about my name, FunkyCats are a meme that appeared because of a brazillian youtuber called FunkyBlackCat. I just choose to put Gandalf on the middle because its my favourite character ever, of the best book and movie ever made by mankind.
And I never had a cat, but I really wanna to have a Sphynx one day :v

Well, as for the Mods, I am mainly focused on creating weapons, but I also want to try other stuff in the future.




Song of Myself, made by Nightwish, my favourite band ever


and a pic of the best waifu(I am sorry Gwyndolin)


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