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Makes the default NPC voice types' death groans sound a bit more painful.

Permissions and credits
This mod changes the death sounds of the following voice types below to sound a bit painful, and not just a soft, painless "Nuh..."

List of voice types affected:
  • -FemaleArgonian
  • -FemaleCommander
  • -FemaleCommoner
  • -FemaleCondescending
  • -FemaleCoward
  • -FemaleDarkElf
  • -FemaleElfHaughty
  • -FemaleEvenToned
  • -FemaleKhajiit
  • -FemaleNord
  • -FemaleOldGrumpy
  • -FemaleOldKindly
  • -FemaleOrc
  • -FemaleShrill
  • -FemaleSultry
  • -FemaleYoungEager
  • -MaleArgonian
  • -MaleBandit
  • -MaleBrute
  • -MaleCommander
  • -MaleCommoner
  • -MaleCommonerAccented
  • -MaleCondescending
  • -MaleCoward
  • -MaleDarkElf
  • -MaleDrunk
  • -MaleElfHaughty
  • -MaleEvenToned
  • -MaleEvenTonedAccented
  • -MaleForsworn
  • -MaleGuard
  • -MaleKhajiit
  • -MaleNord
  • -MaleNordCommander
  • -MaleOldGrumpy
  • -MaleOldKindly
  • -MaleOrc
  • -MaleSlyCynical
  • -MaleSoldier
  • -MaleYoungEager

Dragonborn DLC:
  • -DLC2FemaleDarkElfCommoner
  • -DLC2MaleDarkElfCommoner
  • -DLC2MaleDarkElfCynical

Video for some demonstrations:

-Now has .esp (and Seq) file
-Added a few more lines for certain voice types
-Hopefully fixed the delayed screams

Just a small update
-Added 3 new death sounds for MaleDarkElf (The screams of Arvel the Swift in Bleakfalls Barrow)

-Added a Non-DLC version for the new version of this mod
Should've done this way before, oh well.

Tiny unnecessary update
-Added 1 new death sound for FemaleCommoner (The scream of Eydis when she saw the Old Hroldan Ghost)

-Restored the 5 vanilla death dialogue that were flagged as "DELETED" before. The player now uses those 5 vanilla death sounds instead of just 1 like in version 1.2. Let me know if you want an optional version that makes Player death sounds more painful too.

-Fixed children death sounds not playing before. Credits to Braith for helping me find this bug.

I'll only update the No-DLC version if requested.

A big thanks to everyone for 250 endorsements! Greatly appreciate the support

Let me know if there are any wrong voices for wrong voice types or bugs and such.

Know any games that the same voice actors are in? Feel free to suggest

Credits to the tools I used:
-Bethesda Archive Extractor
-Voice File Reference Tool
-And, of course, Bethesda's Creation Kit