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Isabella Valentine/Ivy Valentine from Soul Caliber face preset and Companion Mod

Permissions and credits
Side Note: I'm interested in seeing what changes you guys have made to this.  Feel free to upload screenshots.

Update 5/9/2018:

Uploaded a cleaner version, less loose files laying around and fixed minor texture/mesh issues.  Enjoy. 

Update 4/6/2018:

Updated mesh texture paths to correct folders.  Had overlooked these in my noobish attempt to quickly finish the mod.  All required meshes should correspond to their correct texture paths...I hope.  Let me know of anymore issues so I may fix them.  Don't forget to thank maidude for pointing out the problem.  Enjoy.

Update 4/3/2018:

The original concept of this file was to share my race menu preset.  Since then I decided to finish a previously shelved companion version of Ivy Valentine.  She is a versatile combatant to fit your needs.  She also comes with perks such as power shot, dual-cast destruction, impact and muffled among many others.  She can be located in Whiterun's Hall of the Dead.  Her armor is not included, sorry.  I don't have permission to upload it so as before, you can find it via google.

More Info:
- Body Type is UUNP HDT with Seductress preset as default or use your own with bodyslide.
- Nord race
- Weight set at 100
- Light Armor proficiency
- One Handed/Dual Wield
- Destruction Magic or Marksman
- She uses her own independent meshes + texture files but you may edit these with your own to fit your tastes
- Uses Dark Elf Female voice as suggested by Bersark93 for continuity with Soul Caliber games
- Also included is the race menu preset so you can have two Ivy's in the game at once, you and the companion
- She levels with you, is essential and quite overpowered even at higher difficulty settings
- She accepts wedding proposals
* She does not have spells despite being given perks with destruction magic but you may add them to her skills via EFF, UFO, etc.

Please let me know if there are any texture/skin color bugs so I may fix them.  I had no problems with this after all the extensive work with CK, nifscope and nifmerge but there is room for error since I am new at this.

FYI: Everything below, except for Eyes of Beauty, is included with the separate meshes & texture folders.  You may edit these fit your own taste. 
If you intend to just use the race menu preset, the first three mods below are recommended if you want your character to look like the same as the Ivy screenshots I posted.

Credit goes to those listed below for their hard work that allowed me compliment my mod with their work.
zzjay's conversions of Cazy hairs and demoness hairs
hellosanta's SG Female Eyebrows
LogRaam's The Eye's of Beauty
Noveriaa's Seductress Body UUNP
xs2reality's Sporty Sexy Sweat UNP textures and his Athletic Muscle mod
Ashes2Asherz's MAFKit 2018 if you want a tutorial and blueprint on how to make your own companion.
XiNAVRO for originally inspiring this mod creation.  Without his original imported armor mod I wouldn't have bothered to do so much work in trying my hand at modding.

To install:
Drag and drop or install with mod manager of your choice.  Open up racemenu in-game and load preset if you want to play as Ivy.  Otherwise, you can find her wandering around Whiterun's Hall of the Dead.  Enjoy.