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Racemenu preset of an improbably blonde Imperial.

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Born under the cosseting wing of the Empire, Aurelia was reared with a clear understanding of the flow of coin. It was an obvious pattern; from the pockets of those in need to those who could provide what was sought - be that food, transport, or a strong sword arm. It was easy when you knew how.

Still, she did not desire to join the Merchant trade of her parents as her siblings had. The White-Gold concordat which had saved Cyrodiil from ruin had stirred up a hornets nest in the north. War was profitable, and it called her name. Trained to defend herself before her father would even consider letting her go, Aurelia made the journey into Skyrim and made for Darkwater Crossing - the location of her trader contact who would help her get her feet under this rather lucrative table. 

Fate, as it is wont to do, intervened. 


Aurelia is an Imperial Racemenu Preset. In order to get her looking like the screenshots you'll need to complete this relatively short shopping list:

Essential Mods:

  • Racemenu by Expired
  • SKSE by Ian Patterson, Stephen Abel, Paul Connelly, and Brendan Borthwick

Reccommended Mods:

Other mods in the screenshots:

To install:

A) Activate the file with NMM

B) Copy the 'Data' file to your Skyrim directory. It should not overwrite anything. 


1) I've loaded the preset and she doesn't look like the screenshots!

A) Click on the 'Sculpt' Tab in Racemenu, press F9 and choose 'Aurelia V1.nif'. 

2) Her body is blue! Help!

A) I'm assuming that you didn't download all of the reccommended mods (fair enough, your choice). Navigate to the 'body' tab in Racemenu and swap the tattoo textures for something else by pressing 't'. That should fix the issue. 

3) Can you please create a follower of this preset?

A) Honestly, I'm pretty awful at this modding malarkey and the CK hates me. I'm happy for someone else to turn her into a follower provided I'm appropriately credited and there is a link back to this preset.