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This mod tweaks the .ini file of the Experience mod to make it more balanced. Highly recommended to use this mod if you have both Experience and Atlas Map markers. Full credit to Zax aka Z4x

Permissions and credits
*Full credit goes to Zax (Z4x), the original creator of the mod. This is a modification of the .ini file and all praise should go directly to him*

Tweaked .ini for the Experience mod

This mod tweaks the .ini file of the Experience mod to make it more balanced. I highly recommend this ini tweak if you're using the Atlas Map Markers mod as I have made tweaks for custom mod added map markers as well.

What does this mod change?

This mod changes the following in the .ini:
- Enables killing XP (off by default) but changes the multiplier to 0.4 to make it more balanced
- It lowers some of the values under the exploration section by 5 or 0 to better fit the population of that type of location
- It tweaks the discovery of "Other" locations (quest locations, Atlas added locations, etc.) to a value that prevents you from leveling too rapidly (without this mod mostly due to Atlas Map Markers)
- Lowers the xp gain of clearing smaller locations with 1 - 2 enemies

You can further tweak these values yourself but I believe this is the most balanced option (at least for me), so I decided to share it.


The .ini is located under Skyrim/Data/SKSE/Plugins. Replace it with my custom ini to install.


Experience mod:
Atlas map markers:

Full credit for making the Experience mod and the ini goes to Zax, this is simply a tweak of the files to make it more balanced for me and maybe others (hence the sharing of this mod.)