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Xiao Yun, Daughter of Mu Dan (aka Peony) has always wanted to explore the rest of Tamriel. So much so that she ended up running away from the rest of her Akaviri clan and ended up somewhere around Cyrodiil where the latest Septim emperor recognized who she was and immediately directed her to Skyrim to where the supposed Dragonborn is supposed to be. Tell me friend, are you the one? The one who will show her what the rest of the world is like? The one who will break her heart or even better yet. Win it for life? 

Xiao Yun is located in Solitude since that's where the emperor of Tamriel directed her to. Hoping that there would be more information about the Dragonborn she heard so much about, she decided to stay since she knew somehow that the Blades will call upon the Dragonborn's favor. And when that day comes, when the Dragonborn cannot pass one final test (killing Paarthanux), she will be there by your side supporting you. She's in the courtyard of the Blue Palace. Xiao Yun comes with a custom standalone katana and a custom standalone outfit which I think very much suits her. She has also has a custom race which you will need to download off of Steam. Xiao Yun uses the vanilla female sultry voice which is perfect for her assassin type character. Now what are you waiting for? Go get her while you still can!


HDT Physics Extension This is a must since her body is UUNP HDT.
XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended Another must for her custom body type.

Eyes of Aber 
Fair Skin Complexion
Cute Eyes
numenume femalebrows MARO
Freckle Mania 2
KS Hairdos - Renewal
Blades Hakama
Blades Samurai Armor and Kimonos
BodySlide and Outfit Studio
Kai's Makeup and Warpaints