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Automatically equip a headgear when you draw your weapon and automatically unequip it when you sheath.

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Inspired by track1044's Auto-Equip - With Customization, I was using that for a while until I realized all I wanted was the helmet functionality. Search around a while but couldn't find any, so decided to wrote this little mod myself. Honestly surprised such a simple mod don't exists already.

Now with follower support!

  1. Like any other mod, use a mod manager or drop into data folder

How to use:
  1. Wait for MCM menu to appear
  2. Equip the helm you want to equip in combat
  3. Go into MCM and set it as combat headgear
  4. Now when drawing your weapon, that headgear will be equipped if not already.
  5. When sheathing, any headgear (on hair slot) will be unequipped.
  6. Optonally set a non-combat headgear (a hair wig for example), which will gets equipped when sheathing.
  7. or
  8. Turn on the option to remember what was equipped before drawing your weapon, once the weapon is put away, what you had on before weapon draw will be re-equipped
  9. To make follower automatically equip/unequip helmet, have your follower equip the desired combat helmet, go into MCM, choose "Scan for new followers", exit the menu, draw and sheath.
  10. What the auto-equipping shield feature does is as follows:
  11. When the player sheath, check if there is a shield equipped, if so, unequip it and remember it
    When the player draws, check if there is anything in the left hand, if not, equip the shield that was remembered.
    All that's needed in the MCM is to toggle the unequip shield option on, there is no need to scan or anything.

Updating from older version:
  1. Just overwrite, no need to uninstall
  2. Note however, on update, the mod cleans out all previous headgear settings, this is for consistency
  3. So just go into MCM again and set your combat headgear(s) again

  1. Go into MCM and choose the uninstall option
  2. Make sure the auto equipping functionality stopped
  3. Save
  4. Quit and uninstall mod

Known issues:
  1. If you start a new default Helgen game with the mod install, this mod will not be able to register properly. Alternate start works fine, only the the original Helgen intro scene have problems. Work around? Install the mod after the player's combat control is enabled. (the part where the rope on the wrist is cut). The other option is to do a clean unstall. Play a bit, save again and reinstall.

Change Log:
  • Version 1.1 Added equip unequipped option
  • Version 2.0 Works with circlets along with headgear now
  • Version 3.0 Now contains follower support
  • Version 4.1 Fixed transformation bug, added option to unequip shields on sheathing
  • Version 4.2 Will now re-equip the previous shield when drawing your weapon. (Only if your left hand is empty)
  • Version 4.4 small fix to check if you actually have the shield in inventory, also delay the equipping of shields for better animation

  1. How's performance? This is a extremely light mod that only adds a tiny script that's ran on weapon draw or sheath. I personally ran 200+ modded skyrim with fps hoovering around 30, so performance is a big deal to me.
  2. Difference between this mod and Auto Unequip Helmet?
  • This mod don't just unequip, it can equip back another piece, for example a rain hood for Frostfall
  • This mod relies on the player to set a combat helmet / circlet, and doesn't try to guess it, (The other mod sometimes gets wrong, like when you are only temporarily putting on a rain hood or enchanting circlet)
  • The other mod run whenever anything is equipped, onEquip is a event that's already being heavily scripted by alot of combat mods and Requiem. This mod only runs on sheath and draw.

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