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Change how skill books work by providing an exp rate boost instead of a single skill point.

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Ever had to reload a save from half a hour ago because you accidentally read a skill book when you didn't want to? Ever have your follower pick up a skill book but forgotten it altogether and dismiss the follower? I have.

Simply put, Bethesda's design of the skill book mechanic is just down right bad. Its mechanic is annoying to the meta gamer, and not very immersive either.

Thus, created this simple mod to change how skill books work. Now instead of an immediate skill point increase, you'll get a 20% stackable bonus to the experience gain rate of the skill the skill book is related to. There are 5 skill books for every skill, so, in another words, you can potentially double your skill gain rate if you managed to collect all 5.

The aim of this mod is to make skill books rewarding but not annoying, you'll get more benefit by hunting them early, as befitting of a novice adventurer. When ever you read a skill book that you haven't read before, a message box will show up notifying you that you will be gaining that skill faster.

Version 2 changes:
Makes the Dragonborn DLC's black book also rewards one stack of 20% skill rate increase (in all skills). Note, however, the maxium possible skill up rate is still 100%, which can be achieve by either finding all 5 books or finding 4 and taking that perk.

I believe this is in line with the original design of that perk where it doesn't really have any benefit if you already found all 5 book.

  1. Like any other, download and activate.

  1. There are no quest to stop, no persistent script or anything.
  2. Just deactivate and remove with your mod manager
  3. However, as with any mod, even changing the order of your esps can potentially break your game, thus don't recommanding uninstall

Trouble shooting:
  • Some have reported that reading the books that are already in inventory does not trigger the benefits, the work around is dropping them on the ground and read instead.