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Gives you more perk points per level, no more, no less.

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Yes, I know there are other mods that does this already, however, on trying them out, I found that they either, don't work, do too much unnecessary stuff, or runs on game load. Thus, created this as simple as possible mod for myself.

  1. Retroactive, if you activate the mod at lv50 and get to 51, you'll have 100 extra perk points. (default is 2 extra point per level)
  2. Dead simple, 5 lines of script that run on level up only. Should be compatible with everything.

  1. tilt key to open console
  2. set MorePerkPerLevel to X
  3. (X being however many extra perk point you want per level, default is 2)
  4. go get a level up
  5. in version 1.4 MCM menu is added

To Update:
  1. Overwrite the files 
  2. run in console:
stopquest MorePerkPerLevel_Quest
startquest MorePerkPerLevel_Quest

  • The formula for how many perks you get on lv up is as follows:
  • ((newLevel - 1) * MorePerkPerLevel) - PerksAlreadyGiven
  • set MorePerkPerLevelGiven to X (if you feel anything is wrong and want to manually fix it)

  • It doesn't work, I don't see the extra perk points
  • The skill screen don't refresh to show the extra perks points right away, exit the screen and come back.
  • Or you had version 1 of the mod, please update

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