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This is a preset based on one of my original NPCs for Halo's Aether Suite.

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Contained in the file you'll find her presets in 3 different forms as well as my Yuna 2.0 Preset that I created her from, I've included the Facial Geometry files as well. Import the Face using racemenu then find the preset you would like to use. Yes I know she looks very young... I think it's the clothes and chair style as well as the eyes I made them a bit bigger and her facial features just a bit smaller. I wanted to create a youthful looking woman. Her age will change depending on the hair style you use and the clothing you give her, so you choose her age in your game.

  I have made her into a healing follower you can link to it by clicking the picture of an angel at the bottom of the description

The Redguard Preset includes subtle changes to fine tune her features specifically for the Redguard Race. While the facial Geometry files are available all the presets were done over the imperial Race as I believe they allow the most racial ambiguity.

Aloha, has been painted in AetherSuite by Halo to be kinda naive with a happy-go-lucky bubbly personality. Her room and Aether Dash is decorated with rainbows and smiley faces so I created a woman who is still young looking and youthful without going too overboard (I think..?)

While in my Skyrim and in AetherSuite because I make it a much darker place... She is  a friend of the player with 100 sneak and a inventory full of soulgems that need filling and paralyze and soultrap  enchanted weapons to make her a kick ass skillful assassin in the TownVanguard who just happens to wear angel wings..


        Once again I didn't want to go Anime and I wanted to show that with a little time you can use Racemenu to create a young looking preset without messing with vertex edit and all that.  I also was very careful to not scale the features to unrealistic proportions while still giving her a look that can be modified by the player to make her look younger or older as you see fit which is why I included different hairstyles over the presets to show that a change in skin tone and hair style really does change the look of the character and the perceived age I guess.

--------ModStuff and Credits------

Face and Body Textures: more or less needed to get the exact look but Race menu will normally load it up anyway
CBBE  (or UNP it doesn't matter)
Pretty Face
CBBE-Pretty Face Neck Patch  <--- now included in Pretty Face CBBE
KS Hairdos Renewal  <---- The new age Apachii Hair Pack  (hehehe)
Racemenu Skeleton Sliders

Halo's AetherSuite
Skyrim's Mourner's Outfit and a bow and some magic XD

As for my verison of Aether suite i's it's still being added to there have been two updates after this version was released see credits :

Aether Suite 3.5.0 – Operation Helheim 

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Click the Angel to be taken to her follower page