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This mod will replace the 3rd person staff animation to some pistol's positions.

Permissions and credits

First at all,honor great modders Anton0028,tktk.
Thank you,Спасибо,Arigato.

Attention:Use this mod if you really want to enjoy with your arms.
1.You should backup all relevance animation files (.hkx files)
2.This mod not include firearms.You can find and get somewhere.
3.And you need ajust your arms with Nifskope to fitting to animation,one by one.
4.You'd better to choose only one package,I don't guarantee that use several style together.
5.This mod also changes sneak animation(sneak1hm_idle.hkx).please back up too.
6.Reccomend to check FINIS.IDK,It need or not though.

Change logs:
V1:Furenzu,now patched standard positon's weird issue that arm stretching out while ready and running.
And i separate each styles and NMM support.
V1.1:Add valiant of C.A.R style and small fix for them. Caution:It makes change your left hand idle motion file. Check detail below!!
now you can keep your pistol with both hands while idling. Add useful spells for C.A.R in Optional files.

This mod will replace the 3rd person view's staff animation to pistol's position.
From this mod u can choose some shooting styles.
Take the one and install to your skyrim folder.

-Standard style
One handed shooting position.
Left hand or Right hand.
Use patchs if you feel weird that stretching arms while ready to fire and running.About this issue,check the comments in posts.

-Options (Right hand styles)

-Theatrical Style
Stagy position like action movie.But i spend most of time for this.
I recommend it If you use sheild or melee weapons.Cuz i ajust it lot of lot of time...

-Center Axis Relock style.
CQB position.(Close Quarters Battle)
To work this mod correctly,You have to equip anything magics in left hand or it does not works right.  
*This style mod makes overwrite Left hand magic idle animation file.
If you already installed something magic animation mod, backup or  rename previous "mlh_idle.hkx"
of "Data/meshes/actors/character/animations" in your Skyrim folder.

-How to install

1.Choose one animation folder and put in to your skyrim folder.
2.Open your favorite pistol with Nifskope.
3.Right click your pistol model in Nifskope->Transform->Edit
4.then open the parameter window,now you ajust these (translation,rotation,scale).
5.launch Skyrim and check the position of pistol in your hand.try and error.

see, It's easy huh? if you seriously want to use it.

(Option) Spells for both hand styles.
These spells haven't idle casting effect, so if you grip the pistol in both hand styles, the weapon keeps original colors.
-Detect Power: Enhanced Detect Life.
-Force Push:Push&Stag the target.
-Chain Lightning Plus: Decrease target's Armor and Magic Resistance + Slow and Stagger.then leaps to a new target.
-Lightning bolt Plus: Decrease target's Armor and Magic Resistance + Slow and Stagger.

How to get spells:
Open console view and type help "XXXX(spell name the above.) 4" then appeared spell's address.
type "player.addspell XXXX(Spell's address)".

Fxxk Q:

FAQ dayo.

-I installed C.A.R ver1.1 later then it makes weird idle animation when I use except pistol?
Because now your left hand magic animation is optimized for both hands pistol style.
If you feel strange, change or delete "mlh_idle.hkx".

-I have no idea what I should do!!

Блядь! Ты же как думаешь что живёшь в сколько лет!?
21 век щас!!

Google it!!

-Weaver, Isoceles?

Ты как можешь держать меч и пистолет обеими руками?

-How do I can get to your pistol and armor which your images in?

I got that pistol model from 3d warehouse.convert to nif and retexture by my self.
I don't know it can be share in here so now refrain from open it.I would contact with this model's creator for permission,If there is occasion
Armor is merged some mods with blender by myself.

-I think some poses lil bit glitching...

I would blushup someday...

-These Animations are cheap,lame.

-I have no idea why did you make such not lore-friendly thing...

Well,enjoy mai furenzu.

Animation Tools N3:Anton0028

Animation Tools N3 Rig Custom 1.5:tktk

Kemono Friends:Serval-chan

Pop team epic:bkb okawa