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18 NEW mods.

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"Target Practice is the most overdue mod at the Nexus."
-- Name Withheld

"It is about time somebody made naked NPCs get embarrassed!"
-- AutumnShadeMistress

"Honestly I love every mod Plunket ever made. 18 more? Sign me up."
-- Plunket

Here's the SSE Version, again thanks to the very handy ff7Legend.

READ. This is many new mods, not just one.

If you are unfamiliar with my mods, the prevailing theme is that they either do something original and creative or they do something the simplest way it can be done, vs. a big overhaul. Or often they fill in blanks in the game that you might have noticed.

This mod is 18 sundry files (so far) made as low-impact and conflict-safe as possible. There is no primary file. Download as many or as few as you like.


 - in the same vein as my mod A Stone in Shor's Stone, these mods cause certain location names to make sense.

  • Arcadia's Cauldron - This adds an elaborate cauldron to the shop. Use it for alchemy.
  • Fellstar Farm - A meteorite (fallen star) is behind the house. You can mine iron and corundum by it.
  • Four Shields Tavern - This places four decorative shields on the wall inside.
  • Four Skull Lookout - Vanilla has zero skulls here! This fixes that.
  • Scorched Hammer - This adds a scorched hammer to the location.
  • Sleeping Giant Inn - Adds a petrified giant. Now with collision.
  • Wolfskull Cave - The cave now has some very basic wolf skulls in it, and a wolf or two.

6 CANTRIPS - these lowbrow spells are contraband at the college, so the books were left in the Winterhold Jail (The Chill).

  • Dunce Cap - Places an ass's face or dunce cap on the target, unbeknownst to them.
  • Love Spell - Gain friends, followers, marriage - works on a wide variety of people.
  • Remove Clothes - There are other mods that make NPCs naked, but mine causes them to react more appropriately. If the target is not a friend, this spell is hostile. Friends and Lovers respond differently, and casting it on them is not a crime. After a minute or so they'll put on basic farm clothes, then their ordinary outfit later on. That was difficult but this is still a small mod!
  • Spook - This makes kids flee. It is simply a non-hostile Frenzy spell that only works on kids.
  • Transform Arrows into Lockpicks - Does what it says. Way useful in early game.
  • Trip - The original cantrip? It gets followers out of doorways, for example.


  • Antidote - Make these in a cooking pot from 1 Frostbite Venom; they cure poison.
  • Lizard on A Stick - Food item sold by Anoriath and others. Makes Skyrim 100% more Milius.
  • Sailor Clothes - Why would a seaman dress like a farmer or miner or bandit? This adds sailor clothes and pirate clothes, but not to captains. Requires Dragonborn.
  • Salt Barrels - This places salt ponds in 3 locations. They are on your map.
  • Target Practice for Ungrateful Bastards - You have needed this mod for years and didn't even know it. Look on the Great Porch in Dragonsreach, in the Palace of the Kings in Windhelm, atop the Archmage's Quarters, around the marketplace and arch in Solitude, and at the Western Watchtower outside of Whiterun. 'Splosions and gold, what more do you want?


Sleeping Giant now has collision.

18th mod added! See below for the most overdue mod at the Nexus.

Update 01 February 2018:
I added a merge of 17 of these mods. The file 4shields had a error I didn't dare to include, so you still have to download that manually.
I suggest placing the new merged esp wherever loot usually placed the last esp from these.
(Courtesy of the Man Himself, laiilaiiheii -- thanks!!!)

Merging mods isn't hard, especially when said mods are script free.
However, like anything modding related it can be confusing and time consuming to learn something new.
If you want to learn how to do merges yourself, I strongly suggest watching this video:

Hot Files -- Thanks to those of you who didn't need Target Practice!

Plunket's Other Mods

NOTICE: See my mod Plunket's Miscellany for 18 FILES including Target Practice for Ungrateful Bastards: