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This medium-sized dungeon is an homage to the early days of D&D, especially the visuals of David Trampier, David C. Sutherland III, Erol Otus, and others. There's a new location, new creatures, new items, and new spells.

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"Again Plunket does what should have been done years ago."

"Hymenoplasty #3 is for you, Plunk."
- LastOlive

"A necromantic nostalgium of Gygaxian proportions."
- Faithnomoray

"I get it now! Plunkert is old."
- plunket

Attention: there is now an SSE version, courtesy of ff7Legend.

Delve into a forgotten catacomb where a wargaming Rakshasa came to collect his winnings, long ago. Foreign creatures are mysteriously drawn to its halls. A young adventurer has carefully made a map from diverse bits of information -- what does he seek?

This dungeon is an homage to the early days of D&D, particularly the visuals of David Trampier, David C. Sutherland III, Erol Otus, Tom Wham, and many others.

The entrance is near Four Skull Lookout. If you fast travel there, turn right and walk a few steps. The entrance will be on your left. Inside you will find creatures, items, and spells that are new to Skyrim but not new at all. There's a lot more than what I've shown on the images tab, including TOUGH ENEMIES, MERCILESS TRAPS, AND INSANE TREASURES. Bring some potions, champ. Bring a party if you can. There are Easter Eggs as well -- can you identify them all?



Unky Plunky warns you because he loves you: DON'T CLICK these before playing the mod. But do read them before posting questions/issues please.

Why is X tougher than Y?
Dude, if DMing was easy, then you would do it.

This creature is doing weird things?
The creatures in Tramp's Rest have been lured there magically and uh, are in an altered state and, uh, dude if DMing was easy then you'd do it.

How do you get the Efreeti's hitbox to work like that? Johnny ModPro said it couldn't be done!!!
I will reveal my secret when I rerelease ZardHats. Which is to say, most likely never.

I'm stuck and there's no way out?!?
No you aren't. Keep trying things.

Where's the Magic Mouth in Haelga's bunkhouse?
Monteehal was making a dirty joke.

Why did two of these not hurt me, but another one killed me?

What are blue bolts?
Things we used to punish overly difficult players with, way back when.

Does the Rakshasa know he has a decoy?
Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe he planted them?

So where's the real deal?
Keep looking.

Why didn't you make that item lootable???? Do you hate me?
Just no time.

No Wormy? No giant pool table and catapults?? No demons trapped in snooker balls???
Who's gonna do dragons better than Bethesda? After careful thought, it seemed moot.

New Creatures

Gelatinous Cube*
Lizard Man*
Another one or two...

*Arguably "new," arguably "creature."

New Items

Rod of Blue Bolts - based on a drawing of three wizards by Otus.
Expert Staff - based on the staff on the cover of the D&D Expert Set, by Otus.
Otus Torch - based on the brazier on the cover of the D&D Basic Set, by Otus.
Wishing Bottle - use like a staff to conjure an Efreeti. Yes.
Goblin Helmet - based on Trampier's illustration for the original Monster Manual.
Goblin Shield - same as above.
Lizard Man Shield - same as above.
Lizard Man Amulet - same as above.
Old School Shield - based on Sutherland's illustration on the original D&D boxed set.
Diamond Shield - based on Sutherland's cover for the original Dungeon Master's Guide.
Ant Shield - based on an illustration by Sutherland.
Cavalier's Shield - based on the design for the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon.

New Spells

Bigby's Devastating Duke - can be used with either hand but the projectile is a lefty, FYI.
Illusory Die (a.k.a. Tenser's Floating D6) - use to create a blockade or to elevate yourself. Look directly ahead to cast it level. If you press Jump (space) twice immediately after casting, you'll be standing on it. If they take enough damage, they will explode. Or, you can collect them.
Magic Missile - probably this exists in other mods but it seemed obligatory.
Saren's Best - a bigger version of a vanilla spell.
Summon Owlbear - does what it says. Alteration school because Druids rule, fool.

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